Giving a voice to Kenyan citizens to engage and contribute in the creation of peace and hope



Following the announcement of the disputed presidential elections and the subsequent violence, there emerged an urgent need to initiate a process that would have national appeal for calm as solutions were being sought. The Concerned Citizens for Peace (CCP) led by renowned mediators, peace builders and diplomats, was formally launched on 1st January 2008. It immediately emerged as a crucial vehicle for rallying Kenyans around the call for peace and dialogue. The initial step was to call upon Kenyans through the media to shun violence, and stop the killings and wanton destruction of property. CCP at the same time began making contacts with the leadership of the leading political parties, as well as encouraging international solidarity and support. As other initiatives emerged (the humanitarian response, religious leaders, civil society-led efforts and the national dialogue process, etc), the role of CCP in bridging the gap between these initiatives became important. CCP’s key initiatives can be grouped as follows:

  1. Supporting high-level political dialogue
  2. Creating public awareness by spreading positive messages to dissuade people from engaging in violence and retaliation
  3. Advocating peace through the mass media
  4. Encouraging dialogue at the grassroots level
  5. Linking civil society initiatives with the national dialogue and reconciliation process

These initiatives can further be categorized as Upstream, Middle level and Downstream activities.

UP STREAM supporting the top level mediation and dialogue process.

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GOK Crisis Coordination Teams

Overall Coordination:
National Disaster Operation Centre
Nyayo House 3rd Floor – North Wing
Director: Col Wesonga
Tel: +254 20 2212386
+254 20 2211445
Mobile: +254 711 860588

Other Sectoral Focal Points
Kenya Red Cross Society:
Abbas Gullet
Tel: 603593, 3950000, 600669
Mob: 0722206958/ 0733333040.

Health and Nutrition:
Ministry of Health: Mrs. Rosemary Ngaruro,
Tel: 0722469522, 0723143241
UNICEF, Noreen 072063121,
Ruth Situma 0727534692.

Ministry of Education
Mr Karaba: 0733856471, 222543.
Mr Abdi Habat: 0722931854

Aminata Maitha: 0722205338
Elias Noor: 0722600224.

Water and Sanitation
Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Eng. Fred Mwango: 2720473, 0734729440.
Kepha Ombacho: 2715677, 0721264965
Eliud Wamwangi: 0722830220.
UNICEF,Eng. Donde: 0722528354.

Food Aid
Office of the President
Ibrahim Maalim: 0722749604, 0723830071
Philip Tarus: 0722 259836.
World Food Programme
Simon Cammelbeck: 0735333313.

Displaced teachers moved to new bases

Displaced teachers moved to new bases

Over 1,800 teachers in Nakuru District have been temporarily moved to new schools after they were displaced from their former work stations by violence occasioned by disputed vote tallying in last year’s presidential election. The local chapter of the Kenya National Union of Teachers said Sunday that most of the displaced teachers were working in Keringet, Kuresoi, Olenguruone, Mauche and Mau Narok divisions which were hard-hit by the violence. The branch executive secretary, Mr Njau Kuria, added that other teachers were displaced in parts of Molo, Elburgon, Lare, Gilgil, Njoro and Rongai divisions.

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Turmoil throws higher education into disarray – 7 Feb 08

Turmoil throws higher education into disarray

Higher education is facing one of its worst crisis ever following a delay in re-opening public universities and tertiary colleges in the wake of post-election violence. The delay is expected to put the institutions on condensed programme modules similar to those of the late 1980s, which could compromise the quality of education. In the wake of the prolonged post-election mayhem, a month of the semester has been lost, bringing closer the reality of a syllabus crisis.

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Children bear the brunt of post-poll violence – 31 Jan 08

Children bear the brunt of post-poll violence

“You will fall,” Maureen Mbone, 23, warns her two sons who are playing nearby. She is a mother of three. Her youngest child, who is eight months old, is still suckling. The young mother is concerned about her five and three-year old sons who are playing, oblivious to their predicament. Ms Mbone and her husband have been residents of Nairobi’s Jamhuri Park showground, one of the 300 Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps in the country , for the last two weeks. She and her children had gone out to buy vegetables for supper when they met a gang of young men who asked her to say whom she had voted for in the December General Election.
The youths let her go, but she returned home to find her house burning because her landlord had supported the “wrong candidate.”

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IDP children falling through protection cracks

KENYA: IDP children falling through protection cracks

Photo: Keishamaza Rukikaire/IRIN
Children run for cover during a raid on the IDP camp at Nakuru showground, 26 January 2008, Nakuru Town

NAKURU, 29 January 2008 (IRIN) – Violence in the Rift Valley town of Nakuru has seen the numbers of displaced at the town’s largest camp skyrocket, but camp officials say it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide security for the IDPs, and children are being particularly affected.

“At the moment we have more than 5,900 IDPs in the camp, and more than 2,800 of these are children,” Jesse Njoroge, coordinator of the camp at the Nakuru showground, told IRIN. “Many children come in alone because of the haste with which these families have to leave their homes.”

According to Mary Muthumbi, Nakuru district’s children’s officer, at least one child has reported being sexually abused since the camp was opened on 30 December.

“Unfortunately, although the case has been taken up by the Rift Valley Law Society, the child cannot identify the attacker, so prosecuting it is proving somewhat difficult,” she told IRIN.

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Education – 60,000 miss class due to chaos – 23 Jan 08

60,000 miss class due to chaos

More than 60,000 students from primary and secondary schools in Rift Valley Province have been displaced following the post-elections violence. Already 6,665 secondary school students have transferred to schools in Nakuru. About 660 primary and secondary school teachers have also been temporarily transferred to safer areas. However, Rift Valley Provincial Director of Education Peter Macharia said they would return to their former stations once calm is restored. Mr Macharia told a provincial heads meeting in Nakuru yesterday that the victims had been absorbed by 21 municipal schools. He said the ministry of Education was looking for funds to buy furniture and stationery for victims who are learning under tents.

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