HOPE FOR KENYA – NCCK Executive Committee Press Statement – 13 Feb 2008

Press Statement by the Executive Committee
Friday, February 15, 2008 by Communications

1. Introduction

The Executive Committee of the National Council of Churches of Kenya has today held an extra-ordinary meeting to reflect on the national crisis and wishes to bring the following message to the nation of Kenya.

We note with deep concern and great sadness that the crisis our nation is going through is the worst we have had in our history. More than a thousand people are dead; nearly half a million have been displaced; and property of unknown value has been destroyed, all in a short period of six weeks.

As a result, our national and social fabric has been torn apart. Kenyans are living in fear. The trust we have had for each other and especially for our neighbours has been destroyed, our identity and national pride as Kenyans has been undermined. Our nation has regressed to pre-modern times where ethnicity is glorified and commitment to national ideals by both political leaders and their supporters are put to question.

Hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters are living in squalid conditions in churches, schools, police stations, chief’s offices, shopping centres and other locations where they have run to seek safety. Most have inadequate supplies of even the basic necessities, and the current rains are adding to their misery. This is a mark of unwarranted and unnecessary national shame.

In our reflections, we have noted the following issues of concern:

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