Kenya: Reach Out concert – Jan 08

Kenya: Reach Out concert



The Reach Out concert on January 13 will be a fund raising effort through which, with your help we can achieve several objectives:
1) Help those displaced and affected by the election violence.
2) All gate proceeds from the show will be donated to the International Red Cross and Pamoja Youth Foundation to aid in the support of displaced persons due to election skirmishes in Nairobi .
3) To provide a platform where local artistes and participants can join hands in a single united effort to show the world that Kenya is united and peaceful regardless of ethnicity or political influences.
4) To provide an avenue for Kenyans to contribute to the ongoing relief efforts by:-direct donation to the International Red Cross, who will be on-site-donate blood through the Blood donor Service of Kenya
5) To regain a sense of normalcy where our city will regain it’s vibrancy. Please forward this mail to more people so they too can join hands and Reach Out to help our brothers and sisters in need.

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