Kenyan Community in Canada in Action for Kenya

Kenyan Community in Canada in Action for Kenya

Ottawa, February 16, 2008

Concerned Kenyan-Canadians living in the National Capital Region along with African and Canadian friends of Kenya are rallying today with three main objectives: to demonstrate our solidarity with the people of Kenya at a time of suffering and social instability; to support the on-going negotiations and call for peace, reconciliation and justice; and finally to recognize humanitarian assistance offered so far by Canadians to victims of violence and displacement while urging continuing and increased humanitarian support to those impacted by the fighting.
The tragic events that have rocked Kenya since the Dec 27, 2008 elections have caused untold suffering, many deaths and forced displacement of populations. Figures provided by the media show conservatively 1,000 dead and 300,000 persons displaced. However more accurate figures from NGOs which work closely with affected communities estimate that up to 2000 may have died either directly or indirectly from the conflict with at least 500,000 displaced from ethnic cleansing evictions. They also estimate that at least 30,000 known homes and farms have been razed to the ground including whole villages and townships. The economic and social consequences of these disturbances are simply uncountable and will take Kenyans a long time to recover from.

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