Crisis & Peace Team Contacts

Kenya Post-Election Violence
as of 25 Feb 08
Camp Coordination/Management
Maureen McBrien 0728602542
Early Recovery & Food Security
Bernard le Flaive 0712293533
Elly Oduol 0722744615
Augusta Abate 0721839886
Aminata Maiga 762-2138 /0722205338
Deborah Haines 0729253539
Emergency Shelter
Monica Noro 0728602553
Emergency Telecommunications
Edgar Ekioga 0733609686
Thomas Mongare 0722527831
Food aid
Simon Cammelbeeck 0735333313/762-2825
(Natasha Nadazdin 0734600520
James Teprey 0733330100
(Joanne Greenfield 0735600017
Jurgen Hulst 0733333326
Doloris Rio 0735364594
(Noreen Prendiville 0720603121
Simon Russell 0728608316
Water Sanitation Hygiene
Colin Glennie 020-762-2186
(Martin Worth 0727534692/ 762-2186
Government Contacts of Sectoral Focal Points
1. Overall Coordination: National Disaster Operations Center, Nyayo House, 3rd Floor, North Wing,
Nairobi. Director Col. Wesonga 0722514554. Other numbers: 2212386, 2211445, Mob.
0711860588. Kenya Redcross, Abbas Guleid, 603593, 3950000, Mob. 0722206958, 0733333040.
2. Health and Nutrition:
Ministry of Health, Mrs Rosemary Ngaruro, 0722469522, 0723143241.
UNICEF, Noreen 072063121, Ruth Situma 0727534692.
3. Education:
Ministry of Education, Mr Karaba, 0733856471, 222543.
Mr Abdi Habat, 0722931854.UNICEF Aminata Maitha, 0722205338, Elias Noor, 0722600224.4. Water and Sanitation:

Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Eng Fred Mwango, 2720473, 0734729440.
Eliud Wamwangi, 0722830220.

Donde, 0722528354.

5. Food Aid:

Office of the President, Ibrahim Maalim, 0722749604, 0723830071; Philip Tarus,

WFP, Simon Cammelbeck, 0735333313.

6. Agriculture and Livestock:

Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development Didacus Ityeng, ,
0722672110, ,

Ministry of Agriculture, Abner Ingosi0724943420, FAO, Calum Mclean, 0733760000,

Kenya Post Election Crisis Contact Directory– By Organisation Name

KENYA CRISIS 3W: Who is doing What Where as of 06/02/2008

Electoral Violence Response Initiative – Participating Organizations



  1. Hi i have 20 acres of land in cherengani hils and want to donate some lane to the most sufered persons enegetic and want to start life 4 families of 4 persons each mean mothe r father and 2 children location is cherengani settlment scheme plot 211 call me tel 254722520083 or 254720560727

  2. Concern Kenya is non – profit community based organization taking care of 127 orphans in western Kenya.
    We request for any assistance from the Ministry of Special program.


    Hezron Sande

  3. am exited and want to congratulate you for nice work you have been doing,furthermore , i have desire to work in this institution for both employed or volunteer basis .i will be glad for your response.

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