Matters Arising

1. CCP on KBC radio & KBC television

KBC radio and KBC television have agreed to host 4 people (2 for radio & 2 for TV) from CCP in an interactive programme. The following topics have been suggested for discussion; Resettlement, Amnesty, and Peace-building.


The sub-committee will follow on the names of the 4 participants for the 2 shows. An appropriate date for the shows should also be established (Rev. Mathenge, Rev. Peter, Dr. Mwiti & Sally)

2. Conflict Sensitive Journalism

The radio stations especially the vernacular ones need to be sensitive when reporting on post election violence issues. They need to practise responsible journalism and exercise restraint when dealing with sensitive issues.


To find out what the Media council and the Media Owners’ Association are doing about this (Annette)

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1. IDP’s

  • There are 250 camps still existing countrywide. Little concrete solution for them and we don’t want them to become a forgotten species. Need symbolic gesture to remind govt and public about this situation – a group from CCP to spend night in the camps. Through this, they can strengthen the call for political leaders to go visit, as most still haven’t.

  • Suggestion to go to a smaller camp and spend the night there in solidarity with occupants and to draw media to the issue and collect a view of different opinions of those staying there. There is a small camp at the Good News Church in Molo that would be appropriate, and other suggestions welcomed. Who’s interested?

  • Lights needed for camps- women can’t go out at night because it is unsafe. Kids can’t do homework. Cheap effective lighting needed, particularly in the ‘unrecognised camps’ eg in Nairobi only 6 camps officially recognised and therefore supported by Govt and Red Cross. However there are 6 camps in Mathare alone and conditions in the unofficial camps are very bad – limited shelter, food water, sanitation.

  • Elderly and resettlement brings up separate issues. Most are terrified about going back. It might be necessary to create a home for the aged to cater for those who are 65 years and above.

  • Need to push Annan to make statement re: IDP’s and to find out exactly what Govts plans are for them. Check with Dept in Office of the President (Mr Maina), with UN, and Red Cross. Also with Minister for Special Projects. PC’s and DC’s. There is information about location of all camps, official and unofficial and it needs to be collated. Study needs to be done on who has gone back, how, and whether it is effective. Some, particularly in rural areas will really struggle to return owing to changed conditions and decisions need to be made about what to do there.

  • Amani Welfare Association – Working on a system of re-integration. Giving small stipends – 6000/- for rent and business set up. Has raised Shs 1 mill through private funds. Civil society needs to assist further as it clear from cases all over the world that governments never manage to resettle all IDP’s.

  • A tally of property that has been taken over needs to be made. Eg farms in Molo occupied, houses in Eldoret and all over etc. In Mathare IDP’s are living in tents 100 metres away from their homes which have been squatted. Plans to torch the homes with squatters inside on Sunday 13th were stopped by intervention through Kenya Veterans for Peace who work with CCP. But second cycle of violence could arise from this explosive situation, particularly in urban areas. It is the seed of the next explosion in Nairobi unless it is dealt with. No leader has yet spoken about this and statement needs to be made about securing IDP property before revenge cycle begins. Coalition Govt must make joint statement about vacating property that doesn’t belong to you. Media too needs to begin examining this issue. Specifically can the Concerned Kenyan Writers help here? Jacob Kaloki – Kenya Veterans for Peace on 0720 878 798 can provide information on how they prevented houses in Mathare being torched a week ago and what the situation on the ground is on the issue of appropriated property. Anyone?

  • People need to register their loss of property with the DC and the chiefs. A comprehensive record needs to be created so work can begin on sorting this out and returning items to their rightful owners

2. Misc other items

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Amani Sasa Weekly Newsletter – 004

Kenyan Diaspora: A Role to Play?….by Chris L. Kimojino , Vice-Chair of the VumaKenya Initiative: http://www.vumakenya.org

A Lesson from Our Athletes…by Eric Guantai

This weeks profile – Dekha Ibrahim Abdi : convenor of Concerned Citizens for Peace (CCP)…by Dolphine Ndeda

The Resilience of Farmers…by Sahondra Kiplagat

What has CCP been up to?

Upcoming Events and Highlights…

Thoughts on Forgiveness: Part 2…by Gayle Lenore Macnab

Sisters at Heart…by Wambui Mwangi

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AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 29th February 2008

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 29th February 2008[1]


THE HUMAN COST: Over 1000 dead and over 350, 000 displaced

National Youth violence Prevention Week

  • The National Youth violence Prevention Week is still ongoing, it started on the 23rd February and  ends -1st March 2008 with a peace concert at KICC from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and a peace race from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Other events for today and tomorrow are also lined up. All are invited to attend.

Other Updates

  • CCP together with other CSO organisations including the Womens Coalition, National Civil Society Congress, Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice, PeaceNet and EVRI and the Kenyan National Council of NGos on Wednesday issued a press- statement on the ongoing mediation, tasking all parties to the agreements of February 1st, 4th and 15th, to abide by the contents of the agreements and to reach a mediated settlement swiftly.
  • LIKA had their meeting last Tuesday 26th February and it was resolved that there is a need to move from talking to acting, the Ministry of Social Services to be consulted for professional advice on cultural advice, Retirement benefits need to be reviewed for the benefit of the retirees as a priority, other items discussed include  the youth, money culture, tribalism, failure of democracy etc. The meetings are held every Tuesday at LIKA offices, on Kirichwa road near Masaba Hospital at 5 p.m.  Continue reading

Concerned Citizens for Peace and Peacenet Kenya – 28Feb08

Media Statement
28 February 2008
ISSUED BY Concerned Citizens for Peace and Peacenet Kenya
Concerned Citizens for Peace and Peacenet
welcomes breakthrough on the political representation by ODM and PNU
Nairobi – 28 February 2008
Concerned Citizens for Peace and the Peace and development Network warmly welcomes this
agreement by PNU and ODM under the leadership of the Chairperson of the African Union H.E. Jakaya
Kikwete and H.E. Kofi Annan, Chief Moderator of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation Team.
Reflecting the mood of millions of Kenyans and friends of Kenya, Chairperson of the Concerned Citizens
for Peace Ms. Dekha Ibrahim said, “Concerned Citizens for Peace welcomes the agreement by
PNU and ODM on political representation in the next Government. This is not only a light at the
end of the tunnel but possibly also, the end of the tunnel itself!”

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