Citizens’ pathway – Jan 08

Citizens’ pathway to lasting peace and human dignity
Kenyans went to the polls on 27th December 2007 truly believing that their vote could make a difference. The
process went fairly well until the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), whether working on its own or in
cahoots with others, displayed the ineptitude that resulted in serious doubts being cast on the credibility and
validity of the final presidential election results. As a result of the disputed presidential poll, the country is now
in a crisis. This is evidenced by violence, loss of life and property, disruption to economic activity and horrific
images appearing in virtually every global media and brought the country’s image into international disrepute.
This crisis has also brought to the fore some deep-rooted issues that need to be comprehensively addressed if
justice is to be seen to be served and Kenya restored to a path of sustainable peace and development.

We believe that with enlightened leadership on the part of H.E. Mwai Kibaki and Hon Raila Odinga, together
with other national leaders, Kenya can still emerge from the current crisis as a stronger nation that has its pride
of place among nations of the world. We can all return to one common purpose namely:
To earn and uphold our pride of place among nations as a sovereign and remarkable country of outstanding
people enjoying a high quality of life

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Citizens Patheway Group

A forum where Citizens Pathway Group can post their suggestions and solutions to the post election crisis.