OHCHR – Report from OHCHR fact-finding mission to Kenya, 06-28 Feb 2008

Date: 28 Feb 2008

Report from OHCHR fact-finding mission to Kenya, 06-28 Feb 2008


From 6 to 28 February 2008, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights deployed a Fact-Finding Mission (OHCHR Mission) to the Republic of Kenya to look into the violence and allegations of grave human rights violations following the presidential elections in December 2007. The OHCHR Mission also analysed underlying civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights issues and formulated recommendations on possible accountability mechanisms. The OHCHR Mission conducted on-site visits to the affected areas and met with a wide range of actors in the Government, among the opposition, and met with victims, human rights defenders as well as the diplomatic community. Continue reading

Civil Society Responses to the Kenyan Crisis

Special Brief on Civil Society Responses to the Kenyan Crisis from the Kenya Human Rights Institute.

Kenya has rapidly descended into a state of near anarchy following the announcement of flawed presidential election results at the end of the December 27, 2007 General Election. The violence flared up following the December 30th declaration by the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) that Mwai Kibaki, the Party of National Unity (PNU) presidential candidate, had won the presidential election amidst protests of irregularities by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) of Raila Odinga. Reports by local and international election observation groups, human rights groups, the media and statements by the ECK itself suggest that the presidential election was fatally flawed. With Kenya teetering on the brink of chaos, the search for both domestic and international solutions to the crisis continues. However, armed groups as well as the police continue to perpetrate serious acts of violence and human rights violations.

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Community based Human Rights networks statement

Community based Human Rights networks statement

Friday, February 15, 2008

CONCERNED with the political developments in our country resulting from the disputed presidential elections that have triggered politically and ethnically instigated violence affecting most parts of our country and has resulted in the killings of over 1000 people, displacements of an estimated 300,000 people, a third of whom are children who should be in school, teachers and health workers that should be at their workstations alleviating the physical and emotional effects of the violence, and destruction of property worth billions of shillings and the economic effects that this continues to have which include the price hikes of basic commodities,
NOTING the polarisation, negative ethnicity, repression, governance crisis and more so loss of confidence in state institutions.

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