1. Amb. Bethuel Kiplagat

2. George Wachira


Matters Arising

1. Amnesty

The government has declared its stand on this issue and wants to grant amnesty to criminals. These are extraneous times and a solution that is both political and social is needed.


To voice our position on this as Concerned Citizens of Peace.

2. Kenya Burning exhibition

Follow-up on having the exhibition at Parliament is ongoing. There is need to secure a meeting with the Speaker for this initiative to follow through.

There’s a feature on this exhibition in last weeks Newsweek.

3. Public Debate in the Media

NTV is working on a concept for a new programme, so meanwhile CCP can hold on to this for a while.

KBC radio and KBC television have agreed to host 4 people (2 for radio & 2 for TV) from CCP in an interactive programme. CCP is supposed to come up with the topic for discussion.

4. Conflict Sensitive Journalism Continue reading

Amani Daily – 28 March 08

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 28th March 2008[1]


LEST WE FORGET: Over 1000 dead and thousands displaced

Updates and Upcoming Activities[2]


  • Margaret N. Muturi from Kiambaa – Karuri Njoro Village is asking for help. She is hosting 22 IDP’s from Molo, who need humanitarian assistance and business capital. The IDP’s include 3 males over 18 years, 2 of them fathers to the families, 2 women with nursing babies born during the skirmishes and on transit from Molo, 1 High school boy who needs to go to school, 11 primary school children and 3 kids at home based motherly care. You can contact Margaret on phone 0728 373 303.


  • The Peace and Security Council of the African union at its 115th meeting held on 14th March 2008 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia issued a communiqué, welcoming the signing of the political agreement in Kenya. They called on all Kenyans to support the leaders, and expressed appreciation for all regional and continental efforts made in support of the mediation process. They further requested the commission to remain engaged with the Kenyan parties and support them in the implementation of the agreements.


  • The first batch of graduates from the Kenya Veterans for Peace (KVP) completed their training and had their graduation on the 14th March 2008. The event was presided over by Mrs. Odeng’, senior P.A to the Nairobi Provincial Commissioner. The second batch is currently undergoing training at Peace House, Haile Selassie Avenue. Any assistance from counsellors, and peace building facilitators is highly welcome.


  • VUMA Kenya under whose auspices CCP-USA chapter is operating, is up and running. They are currently involved in various fund raising activities in support of the peace process in Kenya.


  • Leadership Institute of Kenya meetings are still on-going at LIKA offices, on Kirichwa road near Masaba Hospital at 5 p.m on Wednesday’s. They are currently planning to prepare books, which will be circulated to students in schools to train them on Kenyan culture. This is in line with their theme, Going National! All are welcome to this forum. Continue reading

Amani Daily – 14 March 08

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 14th March 2008[1]

THE HUMAN COST: Over 1000 dead and over 350, 000 displaced

Updates and Upcoming Activities[2]

  • A new online initiative, http://www.rescuekenya.org has been established. This site has information on IDP’s, provides a resource to those who are assisting people on the ground and links up various peace initiatives.
    1. All groups working with IDP’s requiring assistance, please check

www.rescuekenya.org/govt_coordination.php for contacts for specific government assistance.

    1. Anyone in contact with persons who lost or suffered direct damage to their businesses in the Post Election violence, get government assessment forms from the nearest Chamber of Commerce offices or download a copy from: www.rescuekenya.org/kncc.php

  • The Leadership Institute of Kenya (LIKA) is still holding their meetings every Wednesday at LIKA offices, on Kirichwa road near Masaba Hospital from 5 – 7 p.m. The meetings discuss the deeper issues affecting our country such as ethnicity, failure of democracy, the youth, money culture and lack of nationhood, as Kenyans seek to go “GO NATIONAL”. In their last meeting, the group decided to get down to action and write books targeting primary and secondary schools based on tribal solidarity and cultural cohesion. The group feels that investing in the youth is of utmost importance. All are invited, for future meetings.
  • The Kenya Veterans for Peace (KVP) continue to hold their workshop at Peace House, Next to Ukwala Supermarket, Haile Selassie Avenue. Sponsored by the Interreligious and International federation for world peace. The workshop seeks to have 200 former security personnel trained. KVP is appealing for counsellors and peace-building facilitators to assist during this workshop, which is ongoing. The first batch of 50, who have just finished the 10-day seminar have their closing ceremony today at 2 p.m. This event will also usher in the next batch of 50 to be trained. The chief guest at the event is the Nairobi P.C. Contact the KVP Secretariat on 0725-203128 or 3588390 if you would like to attend or support this initiative. Guests should be seated by 1.30 p.m.
  • The Universal peace federation in conjunction with the ‘I have a dream foundation’ is organising a 1-day event dubbed Realising the Dream. Martin Luther King the 3rd will be present at the event, which will be held at the KICC on the 18th March 2008 from 830 a.m. The event seeks to have political leaders and other individuals from various groups to discuss the recent post-election violence in Kenya and what various groups can do. All are invited.
  • The Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice (KPTJ) are holding a public forum today from 4p.m to 7 p.m. at the Inter Continental hotel. The Key question under discussion is ‘What does the National Accord and Reconciliation Agreement mean for Kenya?’ speakers at the forum include Muthoni Wanyeki of Kenya Human Rights Commission, Karuti Kanyinga, Institute of Development Studies, and David Ndii of the Kenya Leadership Institute. Continue reading

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 29th February 2008

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 29th February 2008[1]


THE HUMAN COST: Over 1000 dead and over 350, 000 displaced

National Youth violence Prevention Week

  • The National Youth violence Prevention Week is still ongoing, it started on the 23rd February and  ends -1st March 2008 with a peace concert at KICC from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and a peace race from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Other events for today and tomorrow are also lined up. All are invited to attend.

Other Updates

  • CCP together with other CSO organisations including the Womens Coalition, National Civil Society Congress, Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice, PeaceNet and EVRI and the Kenyan National Council of NGos on Wednesday issued a press- statement on the ongoing mediation, tasking all parties to the agreements of February 1st, 4th and 15th, to abide by the contents of the agreements and to reach a mediated settlement swiftly.
  • LIKA had their meeting last Tuesday 26th February and it was resolved that there is a need to move from talking to acting, the Ministry of Social Services to be consulted for professional advice on cultural advice, Retirement benefits need to be reviewed for the benefit of the retirees as a priority, other items discussed include  the youth, money culture, tribalism, failure of democracy etc. The meetings are held every Tuesday at LIKA offices, on Kirichwa road near Masaba Hospital at 5 p.m.  Continue reading