ACT Appeal Kenya: Response to post-election crisis – AFKE81 Revision 1

ACT Appeal Kenya: Response to post-election crisis – AFKE81 Revision 1

Appeal Target: US$ 4,998,914

Balance Requested from ACT Alliance: US$ 3,102,475

Geneva, 15 April 2008

Dear Colleagues,

Please find enclosed the revision of the ACT appeal for Kenya (AFKE81) which now includes activities by Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA) and four partners of the Anglican Church of Kenya, as well as changes on some of the activities and areas of interventions by Christian Aid, Church World Service, Lutheran World Federation, Lutheran World Relief and Norwegian Church Aid.

Following the elections in Kenya on 27 December 2007 and allegations of vote-rigging, sporadic violence broke out in many parts of the country between supporters of Party of National Unity and the Orange Democratic Movement . At least 1,000 people died and thousands were displaced due to the violence. On 28 February 2008, the two political factions signed a power-sharing agreement which was greeted with jubilation and relieve in many parts of the country.

However, while the political deal has been agreed upon, and peace resumed in many parts across the country, majority of the displaced families are still living in IDP camps. Many fear to return to their homes, particularly in the Rift valley province where many deaths were reported during the peak of the crisis. Continued clashes for different reasons were witnessed in Mt. Elgon and Laikipia Districts (resource related conflict especially land and water) and have created fears for IDPs to return home.

Based on the current official information released by the Government and the Kenya Red Cross, over 250,000 people still remain in the IDP camps. In recognition of continued humanitarian needs in Kenya, the international humanitarian community began a process of revising its Emergency Humanitarian Response Plan. Simultaneously, a process of contingency plan for possible deterioration of the humanitarian situation is being finalised. Aid agencies led by the UN Protection Cluster are refining a draft plan for durable solutions to assistance being offered to IDPs in Kenya.

On 12 March 2008, the ACT Kenya Forum (AKF) participated in a UNDP stakeholders workshop which marked the start-up of the UNDP work plan development process built upon five lines of actions- peace and reconciliation, stabilization, livelihoods, access and delivery of basic services and mainstreaming of cross cutting issues. This revised appeal therefore takes into consideration the UNDP focus areas of intervention in order to ensure their sustainability, promote spontaneous recovery and coping initiatives of IDPs and pave the way for long term recovery.

Names of ACT members:

– Christian Aid (CA)
– Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK)
– Church World Service (CWS)
– Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
– Lutheran World Relief (LWR)
– Norwegian Church Aid (NCA)
– Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)
– Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA)
– DanChurchAId (DCA)

Project Completion Date: 31 January 2009

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Humanitarians to present US $189-million appeal for displaced persons

Humanitarians to present US $189-million appeal for displaced persons

Nairobi, 11 April (OCHA Kenya) – The humanitarian community in Kenya will present a 189-million-US-dollar revised appeal Monday for drought victims and the hundreds of thousands of people still displaced or affected by post-electoral violence in 2008.

In its initial appeal 16 Jan 2008, the United Nations and nongovernmental organizations asked donors for 41.9 million dollars. It has received 31.2 million dollars of this, representing 74 percent of the originally stated requirement.

This revised appeal supplements the Emergency Humanitarian Response Plan presented in January, by seeking to cover lifesaving, peace-building and reconciliation activities through to the end of 2008. The revised appeal incorporates the projects of 13 United Nations agencies and those of 37 international and local nongovernmental organizations. Broadly, the projects range from the welfare and protection of internally displaced persons (including host families) to the resettlement and restoration of livelihoods intended to support and complement appeals made by the Kenya government and the Kenya Red Cross.

In its current appeal, the greatest increases will be in the provision of food (by 74 million dollars) because distributions will now include the entire year. It will target displaced persons, host communities and pastoralists affected by drought in the arid as well as semi arid lands.

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Kenyan Red Cross seeks 23 million dollars for violence refugees

Kenyan Red Cross seeks 23 million dollars for violence refugees

NAIROBI, March 26, 2008 (AFP) – The Kenya Red Cross Society on Wednesday appealed for 23 million dollars (14 million euros) to help resettle hundreds of thousands of people displaced by post-election violence.

Secretary General Abbas Gullet said the cash would help rebuild houses, provide seeds for planting and food for long-term relief for the displaced families scattered in the capital and western region.

“The government has a resettlement plan but humanitarian organisations should assist them. The task of resettlement requires a lot of co-operation,” Gullet told reporters.

He said the agency had received 10 million dollars after asking for 14 million in January at the height of tribal fighting and revenge killings that were sparked by the disputed December 27 general elections .