National Civil Society Congress – Press release

Press release – National Civil Society Congress

20th February, 2008

This is a constitutional moment! While some parties want to negotiate the future of Kenya on a flawed foundation of the current constitution, the National Civil Society congress (the Congress) wants a new constitution to be the basis of negotiating the future.

The congress therefore recommends a mediation package in this order:

1. The enactment of an Interim constitution to fundamentally transform Kenya’s governance; The congress has proceeded to prepare a progressive draft building on all the constitutional drafts that have been produced so far in the country and will be putting it to public discussion and scrutiny shortly.
2. The establishment of a transitional government that oversees the reconstruction of the country and carrying out transitional justice process;
3. The unveiling and implementation of a Marshall-‘Anan’ Plan that will ensure that the country is rebuilt and put on a path to growth, development and prosperity; and
4. A Truth, Justice and Restitution Commission

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