About Rescue Kenya

    To be the center of information and results oriented initiatives for Kenya.


    • To provide an information & coordination portal for ALL those concerned with solving Kenyan post election issues.
    • To promote a RESULTS oriented approach to the crisis with the aim of moving Kenya & Kenyans forward from the post election crisis.
      • To harness our collective knowledge, skills and expertise.


      1. Hello,

        Can you please include VUMA KENYA (www.vumakenya.org) under “Links” on the site. Thank you so much for your tremendous work in pooling information together.

        John Barbieri

      2. Dear Friends

        This is a brilliant initiative. Congratulations on making this happen. Incredibly useful resource.

        Let us know if we can be on any help. We’ll certainly publicise this widely.


        • Thanks for your comments. We need people to begin comparing issues brought up by interest groups like farmers and what we are being offered.
          I also did what i felt every constituency should have – http://www.kilome.wordpress.com
          Thanks for publicizing and all support we receive is important!

      3. this is a very good reseach done in the nakuru camp.This reflect the actual work on the ground and especially for the teenage girls which is my reseach subject in my studies in MA in st pauls university limuru
        rev fredrick kinyua mutua

      4. I found this site by chance, while looking for the TJRC, its awesome,. keep up the good work.

      5. hi, i am a law student doing some research work on the post-election crisis its impacts and way forward and i have to say i am absolutely tremendously impressed to find that such vast information sources have been pooled into one resource center. it goes a long way to provide updated info on such and more. keep up the good work!

      6. Hi
        Congratulations for the successfull work and ideas you have put in place. Chears and God bless you all as you forge ahead in this hard times of transition.

      7. Be Pro Active! Get involved in making peace.

      8. Hi
        I happy about the site and i hope it will continue promoting healing and reconciliation. Please include Pillars of Kibera Youth Program in your events. Update us also if there is call for proposal so that we may enhance our talents in promotion of reconciliation.

        Pillars of Kibera(POK)

      9. thank you very much for this site. i live in kisumu and am so encouraged to find this site. am a freelance journalist and planning to involve myself in democracy promotion initiatives at the grass roots levels. i will be happy if i can post my comments too to boost your information hub. i must say that this site and the information contained has come at the best time when our country needs the truth and transparency to ventilate the injustices that our political class has been inflicting on us. thanks and i hope to hear more from you.

      10. I really appreciate what you are doing because we are on the same platform.We are using media to promote peace in Kenya.The TV series THE TEAM which used to show on Tv is part of what we are doing.We also have a project that has already started that seeks to encourage and reward Kenyans to reach out to others to overcome conflict.It will also be a good idea to get you involved.We do have a page on facebook called THE TEAM so feel free to check on us.Thanks and keep it up….

      11. We, Kenyans living in United States would like to see our country rescued from the NeoColonial Economic Slavery many communities have been subjected to for the last 47 years.
        Our groups are willing to see the kind of proposal by ODM version of Presidential System preval in Kenya.
        Secondly, we would have liked to see Kenya having the original nature of DEVOLUTION as proposed by the Committee of Experts retained. This would enable us obtain funds through our NGOs here to develop our areas hitherto Maginalized, without Nairobi based problems.
        Those Two are good for a start. We have been following your activities with lots of interest, and are contemlating being one of your sidelinks.
        We strongly encourage your efforts Nowfor Kenya to emerge as a country, and not anymore as a Private Shop of few individuals.
        Thank you and may God bless you and your good work abundantly.
        The writer is a President &CEO of a Kenyan NGO registered in USA.

      12. i am greatly impressed by this site even though i found it by sheer chance.its greatly informative.

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