Truth, Justice & Reconciliation Commission Establishment – KNDR

Kenyan National Dialogue and Reconciliation

Recalling the 14 February 2008 agreement by the Parties for a Truth, Justice and
Reconciliation Commission, and in a spirit of reconciliation and national healing;
The Parties to the Kenyan National Dialogue and Reconciliation agree to the following
general parameters and principles for the establishment of such a commission:

General Parameters
A Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission (“the Commission”) will be created through
an Act of Parliament, which will be adopted by the legislature within the next four weeks.
The Commission will inquire into human rights violations, including those committed by the
state, groups, or individuals. This includes but is not limited to politically motivated violence,
assassinations, community displacements, settlements, and evictions. The Commission will
also inquire into major economic crimes, in particular grand corruption, historical land
injustices, and the illegal or irregular acquisition of land, especially as these relate to conflict
or violence. Other historical injustices shall also be investigated.

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