CYP – Concerned Youth For Peace – Activity reports

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Concerned Youth For Peace has been holding a number of activities with the youth as a means of promoting peace.

Below please find the links to the various reports on the activities that they have carried out.

Fashion Show Report – 22 March 08 – Kawangware

Sports Activity – 15 Aarch 08 – Huruma

Peace Walk Report – 8 March 08 – Dandora – Huruma

Night Vigil Report

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Concerned Youth For Peace Activity Database

Makutano Junction Info

Amani Sasa Weekly Newsletter – 004

Kenyan Diaspora: A Role to Play?….by Chris L. Kimojino , Vice-Chair of the VumaKenya Initiative:

A Lesson from Our Athletes…by Eric Guantai

This weeks profile – Dekha Ibrahim Abdi : convenor of Concerned Citizens for Peace (CCP)…by Dolphine Ndeda

The Resilience of Farmers…by Sahondra Kiplagat

What has CCP been up to?

Upcoming Events and Highlights…

Thoughts on Forgiveness: Part 2…by Gayle Lenore Macnab

Sisters at Heart…by Wambui Mwangi

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