AU Fact Finding Mission in Kenya

AU Fact Finding Mission in Kenya

An African Union (AU) team visited Kenya to undertake a fact-finding Mission on the prevailing humanitarian situation following the Post-Election crisis. The delegation was composed of H.E Mr. James Kalilangwe (Ambassador of Malawi to Ethiopia), Amb. Idule – Amoko (Ambassador of Uganda to Ethiopia), Ms. Macrine Mayanja (Senior Political Officer – AU) and Justine Likharu (Malawi Embassy, Addis Ababa). They were accompanied by Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The team had earlier called on the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr.Thuita Mwangi to brief him on their Mission. They also called on the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Special Programmes, Mrs. Rachael Arunga whom informed them that the Government had already set in motion the Re-settlement and Re-building Programme by forming a Committee to oversee its operations. She revealed that priority would be given to the re-building of homes and schools in the hardest hit areas, noting that the Government hopes to raise Sh31 billion towards this end. Continue reading

AU chief urges Kenya political deal

AU chief urges Kenya political deal

AU chief urges Kenya political deal

Ping says negotiations to end the Kenya impasse are moving forward in the right direction [AFP]

Africa’s most senior diplomat has urged Kenya’s feuding parties to come to a deal after the government agreed to a power-sharing deal to help end a deadly post-election crisis.

Jean Ping, the newly elected African Union chairman, said in Nairobi: “The weekend will be crucial.

“We hope that next week we’ll have something which can be agreed.”

Ping, elected at an AU summit in Ethiopia in February, is the latest in a succession of high-powered visitors who have pushed Kenyan leaders towards common ground.

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