Wangari Maathai – Kenya can’t solve it alone

Kenya can’t solve it alone

By Wangari Maathai*

The post-election crisis in Kenya remains unresolved. The damage being done to the country’s economy is severe: tourism, horticulture, and other industries that depend on trade beyond the Kenyan border are reeling. Thousands of livelihoods, along with investments throughout the region, are threatened and collapsing. As the situation in Kenya escalated – with murders, rapes, burning of property, looting, and the displacement of thousands of people throughout the country – the international community was urged to help. Many countries responded, providing essential humanitarian assistance and logistical support. For this, I and many other Kenyans are very grateful.

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Museveni proposes power sharing deal to Raila, Kibaki – 24 Jan 08

Museveni proposes power sharing deal to Raila, Kibaki

President Museveni yesterday handed three proposals, including a power sharing deal, to his Kenyan counterpart, President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader, Raila Odinga, in his renewed push to quell a polls dispute that has left hundreds dead. Mr Museveni’s press secretary, Tamale Mirundi told Daily Monitor yesterday by telephone from Nairobi that the first proposal the Ugandan leader tabled was the creation of a judicial commission of inquiry to investigate “areas of contention as provided on both sides, especially on the claims of vote rigging.”
Museveni revealed that the two warring sides had in principal agreed to the proposal “but President Kibaki insisted that the Kenyan government should appoint members of the commission.”

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Maathai says State has failed on security – 23 Jan 08

Maathai says State has failed on security

The Government has failed to provide protection for its citizens and their property in the wake of post-election violence, Nobel laureate Prof Wangari Maathai said Tuesday. Speaking at her Green Belt Movement offices in Nairobi, Prof Maathai said it was unfortunate that many Kenyans had lost their lives and property in violence triggered by the disputed presidential election results.

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