KENYA: Concern over increase in illegal arms after post-poll violence

KENYA: Concern over increase in illegal arms after post-poll violence

Photo: Manoocher Deghati/IRIN
A boy plays with mud pistols in Nairobi’s Mathare slum: The post-election violence in January and February led to an increase in illegal guns in circulation across the country

NAIROBI, 26 May 2008 (IRIN) – Very little has been done to check the increase in illegal guns in parts of Kenya that were hardest hit by the post-election crisis, an official of a peace and development NGO said on 23 May.

“The small arms problem is bigger at this point than at any other time in our country’s history, especially owing to the post-election violence, which created new markets for illegal arms more than ever before,” Mutuku Nguli, chief executive of the Peace and Development Network (Peace-Net), said. “The danger is these arms may not necessarily be in use currently but could be used for the wrong reasons in the near or distant future.”

Nguli said efforts to check the increase in arms had begun in parts of Rift Valley Province, with the expected induction on 28 May of 105 reformed Pokot warriors in West Pokot district. This, he said, follows the surrender of arms this month in West Pokot. Nine guns were recovered in the district in April, he said.

Nguli added that the arms surrender and induction of reformed warriors were some of the activities planned to mark the Global Week of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons from 2-9 June. Continue reading

CYP – Concerned Youth For Peace – Activity reports

CYP Website

Concerned Youth For Peace has been holding a number of activities with the youth as a means of promoting peace.

Below please find the links to the various reports on the activities that they have carried out.

Fashion Show Report – 22 March 08 – Kawangware

Sports Activity – 15 Aarch 08 – Huruma

Peace Walk Report – 8 March 08 – Dandora – Huruma

Night Vigil Report

Concerned Youth For Peace – Other Info

Concerned Youth For Peace Activity Database

Makutano Junction Info


An open statement by the Kenyan Civil Society Organisations working on peace and conflict resolution

To: The Chairman,

National Reconciliation and Dialogue Committee

Dated Tuesday, March, 11th 2008



We, the community of Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) involved in peace building work throughout Kenya, coming together under the auspices of the Peace and Development Network (PeaceNet-Kenya), have decided to issue the following statement on the ongoing National Resettlement and

Dialogue processes.

Concerned about the wave of violence in Kenya since December 29th 2007, we teamed up to roll out a national assessment and response on the post election violence alongside several other intra-community dialogue interventions throughout the country under the Electoral Violence Response Initiative (EVRI. These interventions are geared towards preparing the communities for resettlement, recovery and reconciliation.


The National Reconciliation and Dialogue Committee that was formed after a successful national and international mediation has agreed on a number of resolutions to address the root-causes and the consequence of the 2007 post election crisis.

Kenya has gone through a traumatic experience characterised by the post electoral violence following the disputed 2007 presidential elections. The consequence of the violence has seen the loss of over 1000 lives, displacement of over three hundred thousand people and destruction of livelihoods of millions of Kenyans. Further consequences have been the growing tension in traditionally calm regions such as Central Kenya.

The challenge now is on the implementation of these resolutions and others that will follow in a conflict sensitive perspective. Continue reading

Local reaction to power sharing

Local reaction to power sharing

deal between govt and the



With the breakthrough in the Kofi Annan led mediation talks following the post-election crisis in Kenya leading to the signing of the final deal on power sharing modalities between President Mwai Kibaki and ODM’s Raila Odinga on Thursday, February 28, 2008, PeaceNet Kenya collected views from across Kenya on the immediate reaction from

the communities and how such a deal could be achieved at the grass root level.


See the reactions here

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 8th February 2008

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 8th February 2008[1]


THE HUMAN COST: Over 1000 dead and over 300, 000 displaced

Upcoming Activities

  • CCP is preparing a write-up/ review of its activities during the month of January. Kindly fill in one of the available forms or write a note detailing what your memorable moments are or any other information that you would like to see in the report. Hand over the note to Jerry Okungu.
  • We have obtained free meeting space in Upper Hill, Landmark building for those who may have upcoming activities. The meeting room can accommodate 22 persons.
  • Blood donation-Blood supplies are running low in the country and persons are therefore urged to kindly donate blood between the 7th and 10th February. In Nairobi go to Kenyatta National Hospital, Bomb blast site, Mama Ngina Street and Kencom bus stop. In Mombasa, Kisumu, Embu, Nakuru and Eldoret, go to all national blood transfusion centres next to provincial general hospitals. Continue reading

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 6th February 2008

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 6th February 2008[1]


THE HUMAN COST: Over 1000 dead and over 350, 000 displaced

Direct Action and Community Level Mobilization, Sam Wachira

·         A community dialogue meeting was held in Kinamba, Laikipia on 4th Feb 2008 to enhance co – existing   amongst communities living in Laikipia. In attendance was the Laikipia District Officer. About 300 community leaders attended the meeting.

·         There is another meeting going on today Tuesday 5th Feb 2008 at Baringo district (will be getting details later)

·         A fact finding mission to Nanyuki revealed a normalized situation following earlier reports indicating that leaflets had been circulated threatening some communities to leave the area. The delegation comprising of Regional Chair and Regional Coordinator paid a courtesy call to the District Officer.

·         An initiative dubbed  ‘pyramid for peace’ involving the Voluntary Youth Philanthropist (VYP) has reached out to “Mungiki”, a militia group alleged to cause havoc and revenge missions. On 30th January, VYP held a meeting in Naivasha that addressed issues affecting the youth. Follow up meeting with leaders from the church and local head of police have been planned towards the end of the week (Thursday). They also plan to meet leaders from other communities for dialogue.

Concerned Youth For Peace

  • One stop Youth initiative in conjunction with the concerned youth for peace will visit the Mathare Chief’s camp on the 14th of February 2008 at 9 am. The CYP has agreed to supply 1,000 roses, which will be distributed to the IDP’s at the camp. All are welcome to attend the event.
  • Continue reading

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 1st February 2008

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 1st February 2008[1]

THE HUMAN COST: Over 800 dead and over 300, 000 displaced

Flowers for Peace Campaign

  • The flowers for Peace Campaign is still ongoing, all are invited to continue laying flowers of remembrance and messages of peace at freedom corner.

High Level Facilitation/ Wachira

  • On Wednesday, the core team had a meeting with the Nairobi Provincial Commissioner, 3 D.C.’s, 8 D.O.’s, P.P.O.’s and representatives from KEPSA, Resident Associations, NCBDA, COTU, The Juakali Association, Maendeleo ya Wanawake and other organisations to discuss and develop a strategy for Peace and security in Nairobi. Continue reading