CCP Meeting 16-05-08



1. Amb. Bethuel Kiplagat

Matters Arising

Security at Internally Displaced Camps


Security is a major threat in Mathare and as it is, there are gangs from both the Kikuyu and Luo communities terrorising residents. The gang leaders are known to the people of Mathare and so far, about 47 names of gang leaders are available.

There’s also a lot of destroyed property, both business and residential. A school/home was also demolished in the area leaving its patrons homeless and without a school to attend. Repair and construction of this school would cost approximately ksh 1.5m. CUPAK has tried to seek funding for this cause, but it has not succeeded.


There is need to identify exactly where these gang members live and initiate dialogue with them in order to promote community policing within the area. The provincial administration can also be involved in this initiative.

A plea to the government to confiscate all manner of weapons from gang members and from the area as well would also be good. The setting up of two police posts in the locality would also be helpful, one at Mathare 4a and another at Kosovo.

CCP should seek building materials from well wishers and corporate organisations to rebuild these schools. Ambassador Kiplagat will seek assistance from St. Mark’s church.

Landlords/ Tenants of Mathare

There are illegal levies being charged by gangs to both the landlords and tenants of Mathare. Hence, they are unlawfully manning and benefiting from properties that do not belong to them.


A meeting to diffuse the tension and create dialogue will be arranged between Mathare gang leaders and CCP. The Steering Committee for this is as follows: Joshua Kimemia, Benard Ochieng’, Wycliffe Onyimbo, Moses Kerama, Mercy Gichangi and KVP.

IDPs Resettlement (Operation ‘Rudi Nyumbani’)

The government is facilitating this operation through the provision of start-up capital to IDPs returning home. Red Cross is providing food capable of sustaining a family for 2 weeks.

Kenya Burning exhibition

Follow-up on having the exhibition at Parliament is ongoing. There is a suggestion to also have it at the Musuem and at KICC. The American Amabassador is ready to fund it as a traveling exhibition. The Committee to follow-up on this is as follows: Mercy Gichangi, Sally Murunga and Wycliffe Onyimbo.

Militias (Sabaot Land Defense Force, Mungiki)

Dialogue is key in order to quell these militia movements from persistent violence. There is need to deal with SLDF separately and Mungiki separately. How do we also deal with the young people arrested in Rift Valley?

Media & FM Stations

The radio stations especially the vernacular ones need to be sensitive when reporting on post election violence issues. They need to practise responsible journalism and exercise restraint when dealing with sensitive issues.

Nation wide Prayer meeting

A noble downstream initiative would be the commencement of countrywide prayer meetings for peace building. This would be a time for prayer and reflection of what happened especially at the church where many people got burnt. It would be a day of repentance and atonement for the atrocities committed.


Many thanks to Shalini for the donation of 20 copies of Wajibu magazine which were distributed among CCP members.


o Universal Peace Federation is having a Peace festival on June 21st 2008 at KICC, Shimba hall. It will cost kshs 1,500 (tea & lunch) per person and is full day. Certificates will be issued to participants. All are welcome.

o There is an International Peace Conference in Seoul between the 11th & 15th of June. Ambassador Kiplagat has been invited for this conference.

o Nairobi Peace Zone is having their next meeting on the 29th of May 2008 at Nyayo house and CCP is invited to attend.


Kenya Veterans for Peace (KVP)

CEO – Rev. John Mathenge, 0725 – 203128

Deputy Coordinator – James Muriuki   Tel. 0722 – 607472

Mathare Landlords Organisation (MALUO)

Chairman – Peter M Kihara, 0722 – 407052

Minutes compiled by Sally Murunga ( Tel. 0722 218031)

Next meeting: Friday 23/05/08 Time: 8.30am

Convenor: To be communicated

Venue: Oxfam, Shelter Afrique, 6th Floor

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