CCP Meeting – 09-05-08



1. Amb. Bethuel Kiplagat

Matters Arising

Internally Displaced Camps

There is a concern that top political leaders are quiet about asking others to vacate and return property that does not belong to them. The Muslim Sheikh from Mombasa made a prayer that can be encouraged countrywide.

The full data of IDPs to be resettled will be provided by KVP in the next meeting. Nairobi Peace Forum can aid in this process.

It was observed that the identification of true IDPs is still a challenge.

Some IDPs have trained in different trades and hence, require start-up capital to finance their small ventures.

1. Mathare

–   Mwangi Kihara, the Chairman of the Mathare United Landlord organization P (MALUO) reported that negotiation between Landlords and illegal occupants of houses in Mathare is ongoing. So far at least 111 illegal tenants have agreed to leave the houses. KVP (Kenya Veterans for Peace) has been facilitating this process.

–    It was reported that some illegal occupants were being supported by the area Chief.

–    Residents in Mathare still fear that they are being marked.

–    Gangs involved in harassing residents mostly come from Baba Dogo area and are largely responsible for the massive destruction of infrastructure. Names are known to police and DC, but nothing is being done to stop them.

2. Kibera

It was reported that an initiative by UNDP – Use a thief to catch a thief – an initiative where known thugs were trained in peace building had contributed to the return of relative calm in Kibera. It was suggested that the same initiative should be transferred to Mathare.

3. Gitathuro near Muthaiga Police Station

–   Pastor Chege is currently hosting 157 orphans at his Zion Children’s home. The Children are aged between 2 – 13 years. All the children’s records were destroyed in the post election violence.

–   He also reported that all the Church property had been stolen but some of it had been recovered from neighbours who ‘lent’ it back to them. Pastor Chege appealed for assistance but was also grateful to members of CCP who had visited his community.


–    Writers requested to capture the human story and underline the restraint of Landlords whose houses are illegally occupied and destroyed. Can Concerned Kenyan Writers help

–    The Landlords asked to seek direct assistance from the PC in dealing with the rogue Chief and also get in touch with the minister for Nairobi.

CCP will seek audience with the PC of Nairobi in view of administrative intervention. Community leadership is critical in the whole country especially the most affected parts in order to maintain peace.

KVP and MALUO were encouraged to see the Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan to seek intervention on conflicts in Nairobi.

Communication and Coordination

It was noted that a lot of activities and help for IDPs is ongoing but needs coordination. The website for CCP is

Kenya Burning

–    CCP to write Clerk of Kenya National Assembly requesting that the Kenya Burning exhibition be shown at Parliament building.

Kenya Veterans for Peace

–    Writers also requested to profile the Kenya Veterans for Peace (KVP) efforts in the negotiation process. They have been instrumental in preserving calm in areas that are currently tinderboxes.

The Kenya Veterans for Peace received funds of kshs 10,000 from Mr. Stephen Ng’ang’a (kshs 5,000) and Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat (kshs 5,000) to assist in data collection regarding IDPs. Further kshs 500 cash collected immediately after the meeting, was also given to them to boost this cause.


–    Universal Peace Federation ( is planning to host a peace festival this August in Nairobi.

–    Post Election video clips to be shown in Mathare, May 23rd 2008.

–   The Kenya Burning photo exhibition at the Godown closes on Saturday May 10, 2008

–    National Day of Prayer will be conducted on Saturday the 17th May 2008 at 2pm at Uhuru Park.

Grand Reconciliation and Healing: Pastors Summit will be held at Charter Hall from 9am to 4.30pm.


Kenya Veterans for Peace (KVP)

CEO – Rev. John Mathenge, 0725 – 203128

Deputy Coordinator – James Muriuki   Tel. 0722 – 607472

Mathare Landlords Organisation ( MALUO)

Chairman – Peter M Kihara, 0722 – 407052


O A noble downstream initiative would be the commencement of countrywide prayer meetings for peace building. This would be a time for prayer and reflection of what happened especially at the church where many people got burnt. It would be a day of repentance and atonement for the atrocities committed.

Minutes compiled by Sally Murunga with assistance from Annette Majanja ( Tel. 0722 218031)

Next meeting: Friday 16/05/08 Time: 8.30am

Convenor: To be communicated

Venue: Oxfam, Shelter Afrique, 1st Floor

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