Kenya Veterans for Peace

KVP went to Mathare last week and have been carrying out a counting exercise involving landlords and IDP’s. From this exercise they have discovered that there are not only illegal tenants occupying premises but illegal landlords as well.

They visited a number of IDP camps and the numbers of IDP’s they have counted are as follows:

Mathare 4 B – 184

Mathare 4 A – 268

Gitathuru – 254

Mathare Chiefs Camp – 495

Police Depot – 1150

Ruaraka – 31

In Ruaraka 77 people claim to be IDP´s but they are not genuine.

KVP sources have discovered that there is illegal registration of IDP’s going on in Eldoret. These people have been receiving fertilizer and farm inputs meant for the displaced. This information has been dispatched to the DO & DC Eldoret.

It was also discovered that there are many IDP’s who are in camps but have not yet been registered. These names are missing in Turbo area.

KVP have a short video on this investigative report. They requested to show it at next week’s meeting.

To continue with this work, KVP is seeking assistance from CCP. They produced invoices totaling Kshs. 20, 000 which they have used so far in printing the serialized forms which they are using to collect the above information.

Universal Peace Federation is also demanding 1.2 million from KVP to continue training their members. KVP is requesting assistance towards getting space for their training as well as facilitation fees. They have also submitted a proposal on this to KEPSA and Peacenet.

Mathare for Peace

Joshua from Mathare has been collecting data on the skills and backgrounds of the IDP’s to find ways in which they can be usefully helped to get back on their feet.

It was suggested that this work should be coordinated together with KVP to ensure better planning and sharing of information.

Mathare youth and KVP would like to have a clean-up exercise in Mathare in 2 weeks time as part of peace building efforts. They are requesting CCP to be part of the clean-up. They require the following:

Wheelbarrows, hard brooms, and protective material. This project brings together about 2,000 youth from Mathare.

Kenya Burning Exhibition

A letter was drafted this past week addressed to the speaker asking him to allow the exhibition to be shown at parliament buildings. The Godown Arts centre is happy with the support CCP is giving towards this project. The letter awaits final approval, from CCP but Godown is happy with its contents.

It was suggested that the letter should also be copied to all members of the Parliamentary committees to create more awareness on the exhibition. Media hype would also publicise the exhibition further. Help from one MATIANGI who is in an NGO that focuses on parliament could also be sought towards getting contacts in Parliament.

NPI-Africa Conference

A brief was given on the conference and NPI’s expected outcomes. It was suggested that it would be best if George Wachira could give suggestions on ways in which CCP could actively engage the process to avoid replicating efforts that are already underway with other groups or initiatives.

Refugee Studies Centre

Members were encouraged to take advantage of the bursaries being offered by the centre. Soiya Gecaga offered to email Amelia from the centre and find out the exact nature of the bursaries that are on offer.


Resettlement expected to take place next week of IDP´s. Many are apprehensive about the process and still feel traumatized and would want to be resettled elsewhere other than on their previous farms/homes.

It was suggested that communication should be established with the concerned ministries to confirm their plans on resettlement. Also as much media attention as possible should be focused on the exercise to ensure it is above board. IDP´s should also be taken through a psychological preparedness program – counseling to prepare them for the next phase.

A report was given that there are 5 IDP´s who have been detained at Pumwani maternity hospital for non-payment of maternity fees. Kenya Human Rights Commission had taken up the matter. Appropriate Follow-up is necessary.

Next Meeting:

Shelter Afrique House, 1st Floor, 9th May 2008

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