Independent Review Commission – Further Public Notice on Evidence Submissions

IREC reach out to stakeholders for evidence, witnesses

22-Apr-2008 – IREC, the Independent Review Commission mandated by the President of Kenya to investigate the run-up to the 2007 elections, today called on stakeholders to submit memoranda with brief presententation on the facts and evidence that they intend to present to the Commission. IREC also asks stakeholders such as members of the public, public officers, political parties, candidates, the media, civil society, faith-based organisations, private sector groups and observers for names of all witnesses they want to appear before IREC. The memoranda must be in the hands of IREC by Friday 16th May 2008. IREC was established on 14 March after recommendation from the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation mediators



By Kenya Gazette Notices Nos. 1982 and 1983, published on the

14th day of March 2008, the President of the Republic of Kenya

appointed this Commission under the Commissions of Inquiry

Act (Cap. 102) to inquire into all the aspects of the December

2007 General Election in Kenya with particular emphasis on the

Presidential Election. A public notice has been published in the

media asking members of the public and other stakeholders to

send information to the Commission.

Following that public notice and the introductory consultative

meetings that the Independent Review Commission (IREC) held

with various stakeholders between Monday 14th and Friday 18th

April 2008, we are now in the process of preparing the schedule

of our next meetings which will include regional meetings with

the public in various places in the country where we shall receive

information of a general nature and formal hearings where we

shall receive any evidence on any matter relating to the 2007


In order for the Commission to plan well, the Commission needs

all stakeholders including members of the public, public officers,

political parties, candidates, the media, civil society, faith-based

organizations, private sector groups, observers and any others in

the electoral process to submit to the Commission their written

memoranda with a brief presentation on the facts and evidence

that they intend to present to the commission and the number

and names of any and all witnesses that they wish to appear

before the Commission. Individuals wishing to give evidence

during the formal hearings of the Commission should also indicate

such intention.

Please submit your memorandum or notice of intention

to appear before the commission to the Commission by

Friday the 16th May 2008.

Submissions may be made by hand

at the Commission’s secretariat or emailed to the Commission

at or sent by post to P.O Box 46846-

00100, Nairobi

The Commission will analyse the information in the memoranda

and schedule meetings for presentation of any further required

information or for appearance before it by any identified

witness(es). Those considered necessary to appear before the

commission shall then be notified of the date and time that they

have been scheduled to appear before the commission.

All information shall be treated in strict confidence and shall

be used only for the purposes for which the Commission was


Lady Justice Imani Aboud

Vice Chairperson


Independent Review Commission

Advertiser’s Announcement


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