Humanitarians to present US $189-million appeal for displaced persons

Humanitarians to present US $189-million appeal for displaced persons

Nairobi, 11 April (OCHA Kenya) – The humanitarian community in Kenya will present a 189-million-US-dollar revised appeal Monday for drought victims and the hundreds of thousands of people still displaced or affected by post-electoral violence in 2008.

In its initial appeal 16 Jan 2008, the United Nations and nongovernmental organizations asked donors for 41.9 million dollars. It has received 31.2 million dollars of this, representing 74 percent of the originally stated requirement.

This revised appeal supplements the Emergency Humanitarian Response Plan presented in January, by seeking to cover lifesaving, peace-building and reconciliation activities through to the end of 2008. The revised appeal incorporates the projects of 13 United Nations agencies and those of 37 international and local nongovernmental organizations. Broadly, the projects range from the welfare and protection of internally displaced persons (including host families) to the resettlement and restoration of livelihoods intended to support and complement appeals made by the Kenya government and the Kenya Red Cross.

In its current appeal, the greatest increases will be in the provision of food (by 74 million dollars) because distributions will now include the entire year. It will target displaced persons, host communities and pastoralists affected by drought in the arid as well as semi arid lands.

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Health Action in Crises – Highlights No. 203 – 07 to 13 Apr 2008

Health Action in Crises – Highlights No. 203 – 07 to 13 Apr 2008

Date: 13 Apr 2008


Assessments and Events

– On 8 April, the key political parties announced a suspension in their dialogue. The UN fears that this could slow or halt progress made in returning thousands of IDPs to their homes.

– Social networks are disrupted and health services are under pressure. Risks are particularly acute for people with chronic conditions, like TB or HIV/AIDS, who depend on regular medication.


– WHO and the Health Cluster partners (UNICEF, UNFPA, the Kenyan Red Cross, international and local NGOs, community- and faith-based organizations) continue to support the MoH in facing the increasing demand for care.

– In the context of the Emergency Humanitarian Response Plan, WHO is requesting external assistance to:

  • strengthen coordination and health information management (assessments, monitoring, dissemination) in the most critical provinces as well as in Nairobi;
  • ensure surveillance and respond to disease outbreaks;
  • strengthen primary health care services and ensure the availability of medical supplies in IDP camps and host communities.

– Under the revised Response Plan, WHO is requesting US$ 1 177 000, of which 395 700 have already been received from the CERF, Australia and Turkey. WHO also advanced US$ 240 000 from its own regular budget.