Members of Childline Kenya

members of Childline Kenya:

SOS Children’s Villages Kenya,

Childline Kenya, Goal Kenya,

Plan International Kenya,

The Cradle,

Hope World Wide,

Kuna Tumaini Counselling Centre,

Children’s Legal Action Network (CLAN),

ICT Policy Centre,

Shangilia Mtoto wa Africa,

Bosco Boys,

Gender Violence Recovery Centre of Nairobi Women’s Hospital,

Naivasha Community Project

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  1. Hi
    I am a 24cyr old.I hold a Bachelor of Laws(LLB) degree form the University Of Pretoria.I am highly committed to advocating for children and would like an opportunity to work with and assist any NGO that deals with advancing the rights of children.I am currently a volunteer at a local children’s home in nairobi for orphans.Although I have written to several NGOs listed above on several occasions and followed up for close to the second year now with telephone calls and visits to ask for internship or employment opportunites,I have not been fortunate enough to get any opportunities to further my career as a human rights lawyer keen to promote child rights.
    Please advise me on any information you may have on how I may better approach NGOs in my quest for career growth.I can be reached on assistance would be highly appreciated.

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