Amani Sasa – 4 April 08

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 4th April 2008[1]

THE HUMAN COST: Over 1000 dead and over 350, 000 displaced

Updates and Upcoming Activities[2]

  • If you are looking for information about the peace process and initiatives that have been established towards this go to This site has information on IDP’s, provides a resource to those who are assisting people on the ground and links up various peace initiatives. The site also has forums and blogs where people can post updates on any upcoming activities. See to post a comment on the CCP forum.
    1. All groups working with IDP’s requiring assistance, please check for contacts for specific government assistance.

    1. An online database has been set up to collect data on IDP’s.
      To enable the collection of proper data, all those asking for assistance need to provide data by emailing Required is Names of persons in IDP’s, Gender (male/female), children, location of camp, IDP’s from where, Date in, Specific assistance sought, skills of IDP’s.
    2. Anyone in contact with persons who lost or suffered direct damage to their businesses in the Post Election violence, get government assessment forms from the nearest Chamber of Commerce offices or download a copy from:

  • One Kenya-one Nation is looking for peace messages to pass on to school children and students to ingrain a patriotic culture in them with. If you have any ideas of such messages which pass on the idea of peaceful co-existence with no ethnic or religious animosity kindly send your them in to: or You can also check out their website on
  • There is a scholar in the field of conflict management and peace studies who is willing to give a talk on reconciliation the Kenyan perspective for free. She is also willing to share a talk on any other topic so long as she is informed about this prior. If interested contact William Nd’ungu on email to facilitate the talk.
  • The Leadership Institute of Kenya (LIKA) is still holding their meetings every Wednesday at LIKA offices, on Kirichwa road near Masaba Hospital from 5 – 7 p.m. The meetings discuss the deeper issues affecting our country such as ethnicity, failure of democracy, the youth, money culture and lack of nationhood, as Kenyans seek to go “GO NATIONAL”. All are welcome.
  • The Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice (KPTJ) online petition effort calling on all the Members of the 10th Parliament of Kenya to reduce their massive salaries and return land that they have acquired illegally is still on-going. They have been collecting signatures for the petition and an attached letter to be sent to the MP’s, and plan on reaching 10,000 signatures. It is posted online on: KPTJ urges all Kenyans, friends of Kenya, members in the diaspora to please take a moment and add your signature to the petition online.


08.30 The Peace Makers Update, All Saints Cathedral Church, MPH room 1 OPEN


Brotherhood is understanding each other.

African proverb from African Wisdom on War and Peace compiled by Annetta Miller


Today’s inspirational feature is an article by Keguro Macharia. It is titled Fine. Just Fine

My brother frustrates me.

In response to my nagging, frantic, persistent questions, he responds with “fine, “just fine.” I feel as though he’s holding back. I want him to tell me how he “really feels.” I want him to translate feelings into language. To become eloquent about “his situation.” I want to believe—as smiling TV talk show hosts have taught me— that anything and everything can and should be said.

But we are not seated on a couch in front of a studio audience. And the scene of trauma is more inchoate than my desires will admit. Amidst the production of eloquently written narratives about the now, the incessant and necessary historical production of how we came to be here, I want to reserve a space for what eludes us. I want to set a place at the table for the specter who may never show up and who may never leave. I want the awkwardness of an empty seat at a dinner party, the full plate of uneaten food, dutifully served.

I wonder if my desire to feel uncomfortable is a form of diasporic guilt. My brother wants the world to be “fine,” believes if he says it is it will be, perhaps in a throwback to the witchdoctors said to be in our family line. I want to probe the scab, to memorize its edges, to take impressions, create a sculpture: Scab of Trauma.

I am trained, after all, to use language as a way to probe gaps and silences, listen for the unheard and the lost. Dare I confess I have been unable to write? Even as I press for narratives and read others’ narratives, even as I react with rage, amusement, and irritation at international stories that “get it wrong or right,” even as I want to mark my distance from the madness, my engagement with the madness, my participation in the madness, my desire for the madness, my madness in the madness. I have been unable to write.

Like my brother, I am unable to create a coherent narrative. Someone burnt the paper. Someone else stole the ink. And the desk has bloodstains on it. I don’t remember the alphabet. I no longer remember language. I can only use sacred words. I have forgotten how to think. I doubt feelings exist in language. Everything is going to be all right. Perhaps my brother has it right. Perhaps he has found the only way to continue. At least one way to survive.

Fine. Just fine.

Keguro Macharia is a member of Concerned Kenyan Writers, a coalition whose purpose

is to use our writing skills to help save Kenya in this polarised time.

[1] This daily update is a service to all working for peace. It records the various independent initiatives currently underway to restore peace, assist the displaced and promote truth and justice.

[2] If you would like to contribute any information please contact Linda Bore at, or on 0711-269482

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