Kenya Inter-Cluster Team Situation Report No. 19, 31 Mar 2008: Kenya Post-Election Emergency Response – Cluster: Food Assistance

Kenya Inter-Cluster Team Situation Report No. 19, 31 Mar 2008: Kenya Post-Election Emergency Response – Cluster: Food Assistance

Kenya Post-Election Emergency Response: Food Assistance Sector

Situation Overview

Kenya Red Cross(KRC), Government of Kenya(GoK), Office of the President/Special Programmes, and WFP are coordinating the single-food-pipeline and food assistance activities in Kenya, building on the existing food assistance coordination mechanisms in Kenya.

The latest statistics from KRC show 202,470 IDPs in 235 camps. KRC estimates 150,000 IDPs for the next four months; these are IDPs who will not be able to easily go home for different reasons.

The general security situation in the past week was calm. The highways were accessible and no post-election related violence was reported. However, tension continues in Trans Nzoia and Mt. Elgon districts following military operations aimed at flushing out Saboat Land Defence Force Militiamen. Tension also continues in West Pokot district due to the ongoing operation mounted by Police with a mission to check highway banditry and cattle rustling from the district.

The Security phase of Nakuru, Naivasha and south Rift Valley has been revised to Phase-I effective 28 March 08. Nyanza, Western, Eldoret and north Rift Valley provinces have been revised to Phase-II. Mt.Elgon remains at Phase-III. All other security phases remain unchanged.

Humanitarian Response

GoK, KRC, WFP, and partners jointly delivered 8,769mt of assorted food. Adequate WFP stocks are in place at four operational hubs (Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi), in addition to GoK and KRC stocks, to respond to identified needs. In March GoK/Office of the President had provided 15,000 bags of maize, equivalent to 1350mt, for the post-election humanitarian response.

Nyanza and Western Provinces

A total of 715mt food has been served in Nyanza and Western Provinces from 9 Jan to 27 March. 11,471 IDP returnees in Bondo and Rarieda districts have received 195mt one-off settling-in-ration in the past week. The ratio given per person per month is: cereals 12kg, pulses 2.4kg, CSB 2kg, salt 150gm and vegetable oil 0.6kg. A total of 58,493 IDP returnees have been identified in 9 districts. Two out of the nine have been served with one-month ration and food for the remaining seven camps is being planned. WFP Kisumu hub has three staff members on the ground and a stock balance of 167mt as on 27 March.

North Rift

A total of 3,565mt food has been served to IDPs in the North Rift valley from 5 Jan to 31 March. In the current distribution WFP will support 71,958 IDPs in 10 districts with a two-week ration of 614mt food. 158mt food was delivered to Nandi North, Nandi South, Burnt Forest and Noigam districts covering 10,000 IDPs in the past week. WFP Eldoret has 20 staff members on the ground and a stock balance of 580mt as on 31 March.

South Rift / Central

A total of 1,457mt food has been served from 28 Jan to 31 March. 45mt of food was delivered to 10,698 IDPs in 14 camps in Nakuru, Molo and Naivasha. In the next distribution WFP will reach out to 55,000 IDPs with 468mt food. Preliminary reports on the ongoing IDP registration and verification exercise indicate that the current figure of 55,000 IDPs may not change much. There are no fresh displacements but there are still movements within the existing camps. WFP Nakuru has 6 staff members on the ground and a stock balance of 167mt as on 31 March.


A total of 1,105mt food has been served from 8 Jan to 31 March. The final round of food distributions to persons affected by post-election crisis in Nairobi slums is starting on 1 April for some 70,000 beneficiaries.


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