IOM assists displaced people to return home

Kenya: IOM assists displaced people to return home

Following the signing of the peace agreement between the Kenyan government and the main opposition party, the Orange Democratic Movement, IOM is providing transport to thousands of people displaced in Kenya by violence at the start of the year so that they can return to their former homes.

Assistance so far has been given to more than 1,600 displaced people who had been taking shelter at the Noigam camp in Rift Valley Province to the Geta Farms in the North Rift. Another 3,000 people will be returned home in the next two weeks.

Approaching rains ahead of the planting season is the main reason why returnees are choosing to go back to their farms.

During the peak of the displacement crisis, IOM, in collaboration with Kenya Red Cross, provided support in the site planning and management of camps for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Rift Valley Province, the registration of IDPs, the logistics and procurement of shelter material as well as the distribution of firewood. Transport assistance was also given to about 4,000 IDPS, who opted to go back to their ancestral homes.

In addition and together with the Kenyan Department of Mental Health, IOM has provided psychological support through training on conflict-driven displacement and an assessment on psychological needs at IDP camps.

Out of nearly 31,500 IDPs in northern Rift Valley Province, one of the worst affected by post-electoral violence, only a small fraction has indicated an interest to return to their farms. Some are sceptical about security upon returning while others are afraid they will not get the compensation offered to IDPs by the government if they were to go back home.

However, IOM and UN-HABITAT are to carry out assessment needs for early recovery in selected areas, prioritising urban areas where IDPs are anticipated to return to eventually.

For further information, please contact Rose Ogola, IOM Kenya, Tel: +254 20 4444 174/167 Email:


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