Constitutional Review- Long Term Issues – KNDR

Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation

Recalling the 1 February 2008 agreement by the Parties to deal with longterm
issues and solutions that may have constituted the underlying causes of
the prevailing social tensions, instability and cycle of violence, and recalling
the substantial discussions that have been held concerning constitutional
reform over recent years, the Parties to the Kenyan National Dialogue and
Reconciliation agree to the following general parameters and principles for the
establishment of a constitutional review processes.

General principles and stages of the process
The parties accept that the constitution belongs to the people of Kenya who
must be consulted appropriately at all key stages of the process, including the
formation of the process itself, the draft, the parliamentary process and any
final enactment.

There will be five stages in the review of the Constitution and there will be
consultation with stakeholders in each stage:

1 An inclusive process will be initiated and completed within 8 weeks to
establish a statutory Constitutional Review including a timetable. It is
envisaged that the review process will be completed within 12 months from
the initiation in Parliament.

2 Parliament will enact a special ‘constitutional referendum law’ which will
establish the powers and enactment processes for approval by the people in a

3 The statutory process will provide for the preparation of a comprehensive
draft by stakeholders and with the assistance of expert advisers.

4 Parliament will consider and approve the resulting proposals for a new

5. The new constitution will be put to the people for their consideration and
enactment in a referendum.

Constitutional Review- Long Term Issues

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