AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 4th February 2008

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 4th February 2008[1]

THE HUMAN COST: Over 800 dead and over 300, 000 displaced

Concerned Kenyan Writers

  • The Concerned writers are interested in collecting stories that people would like written up on the post-election violence. Contact Shalini on

Religious groups

· The Jesuit Hakimani Centre (JHC), would like to report that the meeting last Friday on: “The Way out the Post Election crisis for Kenya” was a success. Would like to thank all the speakers and all who attended.

· CASAM- Come and See a Man had a meeting at Embakasi Chiefs compound. They also delivered 15 bunches of peace roses to 15 churches in Embakasi village area. They would like to thank Saba for providing the flowers. Intend to have a meeting there every Sunday afternoon.


08.00 The Peace Makers Update, Caana Room, Serena Hotel, OPEN

11.00 PEACENET offices, Maalim Juma road Opp Royal media, Hurlingham OPEN


· The Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation Team on Friday agreed on some key issues on the roadmap to peace. The Government and ODM agreed to hold joint rallies to stop the escalating violence; they further agreed that there should be freedom of assembly, expression and press to help end political turmoil. The talks resume this morning.

· Strategic Research executive director, Caesar Handa who has been monitoring radio stations after the election has said that vernacular radio stations have been airing uncensored messages that promote ethnic violence. Most stations use hate speech in the form of metaphors, which can be chillingly powerful.

· More than 100 MPs have petitioned the Minister for Internal Security to provide them with Bodyguards after two of their colleagues were killed last week.

· ODM can no longer file an election petition to question the validity of the elections as the 28-day period within which a petition should be filed has elapsed.

· Fighting continued along the Borabu-Sotik border as unconfirmed reports indicate that 10 persons have been killed. MPs from rift valley and Nyanza provinces called for the Government to urgently provide security and restore peace along the borders of Nyamira, Sotik, Bomet, and Borabu districts.

· Four MPs from Nyeri district held a peace-building meeting along with hundreds of local leaders and called on locals to forgive and not seek revenge. After the meeting, they further urged locals to allow the 1,000 people who have been camping at the local police station to go back to their rented houses.


Peace is like a treasure that shall never part from you.

Kenyan Proverb from African Wisdom on War and Peace, a compilation by Annette Miller.


PRAISE POEM Kenya, January 2008

We praise the man who, though he held the match between his finger and his thumb,

beheld the terror of its tiny drop of phosphorous, its brown and globoid smoothness

like a charred and tiny skull and so returned it to its box.

So too, we hail the youth who, though he took his panga on the march,

perceived it odd within his fist when there was neither scrub nor firewood to be felled,

so laid it down.

An acclamation for the man who, though he saw the woman running, clothing torn,

and though he lusted, saw his mother in her youth, restrained his colleagues

and withdrew.

We pay our homage to the man who, though his heart was like a stone

and though he took a stone to cast, could feel its hardness in the softness of his palm

and grasped the brittleness of bone, so let it drop.

We laud the man who, though he snatched to scrutinize the passenger’s I.D.,

saw not the name – instead, the face – and slid it back

as any friend might slide his hand to shake a friend’s.

And to the rest of us, a blessing: may you never have to be that man,

but if you have to, BE!

(Stephen Derwent Partington)

[1] This daily update is a service to all working for peace. It records the various independent initiatives currently underway to restore peace, assist the displaced and promote truth and justice. It does suggest that these actions are being centrally coordinated.

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