AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 15th February 2008

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 15th February 2008[1]


THE HUMAN COST: Over 1000 dead and over 350, 000 displaced

Direct Action and Community Level Mobilization


  • The EVRI-Election Violence Response Initiative will be holding a meeting at PeaceNet Offices at 11 a.m. The meeting will focus on the way forward for structured interventions based on available resources. All are invited.
  • The Dedan Kimathi Peace Foundation is organising a prayer meeting and tree planting in Ihururu Nyeri on Monday 18th February 2008. all are invited.
  • CASAM had a successful valentines peace meeting and sharing of experiences together seminar at Gatundu town with 70 women leaders in attendance. They would like to thank CCP for transport and Oserian/airflow for the roses.
  • CASAM is having a meeting at Kasarani on Sunday afternoon. They would like to request for roses and transport to the venue.

National Youth violence Prevention Week

  • All are invited to the National Youth violence Prevention Week from the 23rd February -1st March 2008. The activities planned for this week include: Peace concerts, guidance and counselling in schools and IDP camps, a conference to encourage dialogue among the youth, Laying of flowers at KICC and freedom corner. These activities will take place concurrently in schools and informal settlements around Nairobi that is Kibera, Mathare, Huruma and Dandora.
  • The organisers are requesting for assistance in the form of flowers for the week, and assistance in organising a peace garden for Kenyans, which will be run by the youth as a way of curbing unemployment.

High Level Facilitation

  • The technical team met yesterday to discuss options for the way forward for CCP.
  • The team met with members of the Kenya Veterans association who want to form a veterans peace association.
  • The team also met a group of elders from Laikipia, who shared their thoughts on what they would like to do within their district.

08.00 The  Peace Makers Update, All Saints Cathedral, MPH 1                                          OPEN

11.00 PEACENET offices, Maalim Juma road Opp Royal media, Hurlingham                   OPEN




  • Koffi Annan on Wednesday clarified the issue of an agreement on a “grand coalition” as a misunderstanding. This was with regards to a statement made during his address to parliamentarians; the issue was discussed by the panel in the morning and clarified. In a press statement released on 13th February, it was stated that the panel was pleased with the open and frank debate and leadership displayed by the MP’s.
  • Koffi Annan returns to Nairobi today, where he will speak to the press at 5 p.m. about the progress made thus far.
  • The number of displaced persons in camps within Nairobi and its environs continues to dwindle as more people are moved to their ancestral homes. More than 250 left Jamhuri park for Western Kenya on Wednesday, and others were scheduled to leave yesterday.
  • The number of patients at Kenyatta National Hospital has overwhelmed facilities at the hospital and many are now forced to share beds or sleep on the floor. This has severely compromised the quality of healthcare at the hospital. 
  • Christian leaders under the auspices of NCCK on Wednesday admitted that they had been divided during last years campaigns and thus lost their voice in the aftermath of the elections.


Peace is costly but it is worth the expense.

Sourced from myMalaika proverb of the month (an African Proverb)




Today’s Feature is an email from Soiya Gecaga to Shalini Gidoomal and Ory Okolloh. She is in the process of setting up a UK chapter of CCP


Ory – thanks for putting us all in contact with each other. I think that we all have the possibility of being able to help our country in a meaningful way, particularly if we all work together. There are many things that we’ll be able to learn from each other and it will also save us from having to re-invent the wheel each time. I am really excited to be working with you all!

On a personal note, I was devastated (as I am sure you all were) to witness all that has taken place in our beloved country..but I am  inspired and humbled by all the various peace and collaboration initiatives that are taking place. It is truly amazing how the situation has brought many of us closer together and more determined to create some positivity and hope out of all the negativity. For the first time in my lifetime I am witnessing the true essence and original concept of Harambee (I’m 33 years old so wasn’t around during independence)…and this email chain is a small testament to what is happening on a larger scale. Ordinary citizens are feeling that enough is enough and that that time has come to take a stand and to do all that we can to help our fellow Kenyans. Today I feel proud and privileged to be working and collaborating with you all …most of all I am proud to be Kenyan.


[1] This daily update is a service to all working for peace. It records the various independent initiatives currently underway to restore peace, assist the displaced and promote truth and justice. It does suggest that these actions are being centrally coordinated.

[2] Sourced from the Daily Nation –Feb 14th 2008 and Secretariat Press Statement (KNDRT)

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