AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 13th February 2008

AMANI SASA DAILY UPDATE: 13th February 2008[1]


THE HUMAN COST: Over 1000 dead and over 350, 000 displaced

Direct Action and Community Level Mobilization[2]


  • On the 13th February 2008 at 930 a.m., Local residents of Kibera in conjunction with CCP will launch the 5 minutes of forgiveness. The objective of the meeting is to get communities to forge paths towards a culture of reconciliation, initiate a daily five-minute of reflection and forgiveness. ALL ARE INVITED.
  • A lot of people are still displaced and camping in various camps within Kuresoi, Molo, Subukia,Nakuru town, Rongai, Naivasha among other areas. Kenya Red Cross, National Council for Churches in Kenya (NCCK) together with other humanitarian organizations are on the ground assisting the displaced. The need is however overwhelming draining the capacities of institutions and organizations availing the much-needed assistance.
  • The Provincial Commissioner Rift Valley convened a meeting with Members of Parliament from the affected zones on 11th and 12th February 2008 with a view to find amicable co-existence of communities living in the area.  A medical clinic was held on 7th February 2008 to attend to the sick within the camps. Reports from Migori indicate need to engage in community dialogues to avert tensions in the area following the looting of maize from the cereal board.
  • The National Steering Committee on Peace building and Conflict Management is in the process of forming Nairobi District Peace Committees. Top on the committee’s agenda is to address matters concerning human security within Nairobi. Respective D.C’s convened the first meeting of the Nairobi West, East and North District Peace Committees on Tuesday 12th Feb 2008.

National Youth violence Prevention Week

  • All are invited to the National Youth violence Prevention Week from the 23rd February -1st March 2008. The activities planned for this week include: Peace concerts, guidance and counselling in schools and IDP camps, a conference to encourage dialogue among the youth, Laying of flowers at KICC and freedom corner. These activities will take place concurrently in schools and informal settlements around Nairobi that is Kibera, Mathare, Huruma and Dandora.
  • The organisers are requesting for assistance in the form of flowers for the week, and assistance in organising a peace garden for Kenyans, which will be run by the youth as a way of curbing unemployment.

Concerned Kenyan Writers/ Kwani Trust

·         Kwani Special edition is looking for stories, those who have written any or want to write this is your opportunity!

·         Kwani Trust is organising a workshop for writers wanting to engage in the narratives and life experiences of diverse Kenyans during this historic time. There will also have a half-day photography workshop for the Kwani issue for potential photographers. They are additionally giving an opportunity for paid work, for persons who want to avail themselves to write on Generation Kenya 45 heroes corner, which will profile people born since independence who have assisted during this time. Two stories of 1500-2000 words on heroes will be used each week, with photographs. See  . Details on when this will be carried out will be announced shortly.


08.00 The  Peace Makers Update, All Saints Cathedral, MPH 1                                          OPEN

11.00 PEACENET offices, Maalim Juma road Opp Royal media, Hurlingham                   OPEN




  • Mediator Kofi Annan and former South African first lady Graca Machel, yesterday briefed MP’s on the progress of the mediation talks. The purpose of the meeting was to brief MP’s on the status of the ongoing talks and the role parliament would be required to play once a political agreement has been reached.
  • Two ODM MP’s, Otieno Kajwang and Jakoyo Midiwo have asked politicians to desist from making utterances that may derail the Koffi Annan mediated talks. This was in reaction to a meeting held over the weekend by MP’s under the banner of central Kenya Forum.
  • The Government yesterday pledged to help revive the Youth Development Fund-financed businesses damaged during the post-election violence. Youth Affairs PS Kinuthia Murugu also assured youths that the ministry would continue providing funds to young people.
  • President Kibaki on Tuesday said the Government would rebuild parts of the country destroyed by weeks of protests.
  • Border violence on the Borabu/Sotik districts has reduced the Cheptilat trading centre to rubble after armed militia raided the centre last week.



He who nurses vengeance is not called wise.

Swahili Proverb from African Wisdom on War and Peace, a compilation by Annetta Miller.




GIVE PEACE IN KENYA A CHANCE- Prudence Bushnell, Former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya (1/21/08)

I spent three years in Kenya as U.S. Ambassador. I shed blood and tears with Kenyans after al Qaeda blew up the American embassy in 1998 killing 213 people and injuring over 5,000. I argued with political leaders, laughed with friends and joined forces with the thousands of women and men seeking greater participation, more prosperity and less corruption.  Kenyans are a diverse people of more than 40 ethnic groups, proud of their past and determined to create a better future. Don’t write them off.

There is nothing new about disputed elections and fights over positional leadership in Africa, nor in the response of our government and media. Once again, feuding politicians and rampaging gangs get the spotlight.  What is new, and largely unattended by officials and press, are the peacemaking efforts of Kenyan citizens exercising their own personal leadership.  We already know what the political contestants are doing — the same thing they always do — sip tea with visiting officials pleading to put national interest over self. It is about time we learned what citizen peacemakers are doing.

The Association of Media Women in Kenya is traveling the country to bring attention to local peacemaking efforts. Inter-faith associations are bringing people of all ethnic groups together. Concerned Citizens for Peace and other parts of civil society are campaigning with plans to address Kenyan problems.     Cyberactivists are using mash-ups, blogs, cell phones, Face Book and You-tube to relay information, seek assistance and disseminate hope.  Red Cross and relief organizations are mobilizing their members. 

Anyone who wants to do more than cluck despairingly about yet another African country heading down the tubes can help to give peace in Kenya a chance. Media can report the peace efforts. VIPs can visit peacemakers, bringing attention and stature to them. U.S. officials can request that politicians articulate their strategies to build and sustain peace.  Business clubs and professional associations can reach out to their counterparts.  International figures can highlight women peacemakers, underscoring the importance of UN Resolution 1325, which calls for more women’s participation at every stage of, conflict resolution. If nothing else, individuals can send support via Internet.

A decade has passed since al Qaeda’s mass murder but I doubt that anyone in Nairobi that day has forgotten Rose Wanjiku. She reflected the hope, resilience and solidarity of the Kenyan people as she struggled to survive under the rubble of Ufundi House. Her ethnicity was irrelevant. She was “Kenya’s Rose,” a fitting symbol to the growing peace efforts today.  Rose died; peace in Kenya need not.

[1] This daily update is a service to all working for peace. It records the various independent initiatives currently underway to restore peace, assist the displaced and promote truth and justice. It does suggest that these actions are being centrally coordinated.

[2] Sourced from the EVRI Update-edition 9 except bullet 1

[3] Sourced from the Daily Nation –Feb 12th 2008

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