National Disaster Ops Center 3Jan08

Report: National Disaster Ops Center 3Jan08

Overall Coordination:
National Disaster Operation Centre
Nyayo House 3rd Floor – North Wing
Director: Col Wesonga
Tel: +254 20 2212386
+254 20 2211445

GOK HSC – 6Jan08



6 Jan 08

GOK HSC 6Jan08

GOK – HSC Situation Report – 1FEB08

Friday 1st February 2008

GOK – HSC Situation Report – 1FEB08

GOK Crisis Coordination Teams

Overall Coordination:
National Disaster Operation Centre
Nyayo House 3rd Floor – North Wing
Director: Col Wesonga
Tel: +254 20 2212386
+254 20 2211445
Mobile: +254 711 860588

Other Sectoral Focal Points
Kenya Red Cross Society:
Abbas Gullet
Tel: 603593, 3950000, 600669
Mob: 0722206958/ 0733333040.

Health and Nutrition:
Ministry of Health: Mrs. Rosemary Ngaruro,
Tel: 0722469522, 0723143241
UNICEF, Noreen 072063121,
Ruth Situma 0727534692.

Ministry of Education
Mr Karaba: 0733856471, 222543.
Mr Abdi Habat: 0722931854

Aminata Maitha: 0722205338
Elias Noor: 0722600224.

Water and Sanitation
Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Eng. Fred Mwango: 2720473, 0734729440.
Kepha Ombacho: 2715677, 0721264965
Eliud Wamwangi: 0722830220.
UNICEF,Eng. Donde: 0722528354.

Food Aid
Office of the President
Ibrahim Maalim: 0722749604, 0723830071
Philip Tarus: 0722 259836.
World Food Programme
Simon Cammelbeck: 0735333313.


Friday 1st February 2008
The Post Election Violence has increasingly continued to ravage most
parts of the country. Tension is high in most parts of the Rift Valley, Central,
Nyanza and Western Provinces. Rift valley remains to be the worst hit
province in the country and most parts have experienced some of the
worst clashes ever experienced in the country. Killings and burning are
reported to be taking place in areas of Kitale, Eldoret, Molo, Elburgon,
Kuresoi, Koibatek, Nakuru, Naivasha, Limuru, Kericho and Kipkelion.
During the day the MP for Ainamoi was shot dead by Police Officer in
Eldoret. This led to skirmish in some parts of the country. As a result the
road a long the Keroka – Kipsigis border at a place called Borabu there
was a fight between the Kisii’s and the Kipsigis. This is because it was
believed that the Police Officer who shot the MP is a Kisii and the MP is a
Kipsigis. Houses were burnt and property of unknown value was also
destroyed but no life was lost.

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Civil Society Responses to the Kenyan Crisis

Special Brief on Civil Society Responses to the Kenyan Crisis from the Kenya Human Rights Institute.

Kenya has rapidly descended into a state of near anarchy following the announcement of flawed presidential election results at the end of the December 27, 2007 General Election. The violence flared up following the December 30th declaration by the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) that Mwai Kibaki, the Party of National Unity (PNU) presidential candidate, had won the presidential election amidst protests of irregularities by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) of Raila Odinga. Reports by local and international election observation groups, human rights groups, the media and statements by the ECK itself suggest that the presidential election was fatally flawed. With Kenya teetering on the brink of chaos, the search for both domestic and international solutions to the crisis continues. However, armed groups as well as the police continue to perpetrate serious acts of violence and human rights violations.

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IMLU – Forensic investigations into post-election violence related deaths

Forensic investigations into post-election violence related deaths

Following the delayed and disputed release of the general elections results of 27th December 2007 there was wide speculation of rigging. This led to nationwide protests and an outbreak of violence seemingly driven by ethnicity and perceived political affiliation. This lawlessness provided an environment conducive to torture and gross human rights violations. The violence took the form of killings, rape, and arson acts, forceful evictions and internal displacement. It is estimated that over 1,000 people have been killed, over 400,000 internally displaced/ forcefully evicted, women and girls raped and property worth millions destroyed.

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