Annan Agreements – 4th Agreement signed 28 Feb 08 – Coalition Agreement & National Accord & Reconciliation Act 2008

Kenya National Dialogue & Reconciliation Team

4th Agreement signed by Gvt/PNU & ODM on 28 Feb 08

1. Coalition Agreement

2. National Accord & Reconciliation Act 2008

Full Document — Annan Agreements – 4th Agreement signed 28 Feb 08

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  1. The act is very important the Annan team made a wise decision that will actually save lifes, but something important the ACT should favour the P.M most in that he should be more powerful boldly underlined…..and also if need be during the next coming years let the next elected president have the power to appoint the P.M, DEPUTY P.M AND THE VP but if fault is spotted during elections let the President not be given the right to appoint,,,,we as kenyans are tired of this crap of rigging,tribalism and many other formsof corruption. Kenya is a beautiful country we got indepencee since 1963, we have somehow developed lets make the best out of it.THE ACT SHOULD BAN CORRUPTION LET RAILA FOLLOW UP AND HELP KENYANS FIGHT CORRUPTION

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