National Civil Society Congress – Press release

Press release – National Civil Society Congress

20th February, 2008

This is a constitutional moment! While some parties want to negotiate the future of Kenya on a flawed foundation of the current constitution, the National Civil Society congress (the Congress) wants a new constitution to be the basis of negotiating the future.

The congress therefore recommends a mediation package in this order:

1. The enactment of an Interim constitution to fundamentally transform Kenya’s governance; The congress has proceeded to prepare a progressive draft building on all the constitutional drafts that have been produced so far in the country and will be putting it to public discussion and scrutiny shortly.
2. The establishment of a transitional government that oversees the reconstruction of the country and carrying out transitional justice process;
3. The unveiling and implementation of a Marshall-‘Anan’ Plan that will ensure that the country is rebuilt and put on a path to growth, development and prosperity; and
4. A Truth, Justice and Restitution Commission

The National Civil Society Congress examined seven options and finally settled at a ‘transitional constitutional and political arrangement’ as the best option. Having already acknowledged that the opportunity for a constitutional moment for our country has never been more ripe than it is now. The congress intends to galvanize the whole country using our networks on the ground to influence the mediation talks for the only constitutional and political arrangement that will save this country from similar-future catastrophe as we have witnessed since December 29th, 2007.
The other options were:

1. Maintain the Status Quo;
2. Presidential Election petition through the Court system;
3. A re-run;
4. Re- tallying of Presidential votes/Forensic audit;
5. Fresh election;
6. Coalition government;
7. Power sharing;
8. Transitional constitutional and political arrangement.

Kenya as a member of the global community and has thus submitted herself to international support, scrutiny, evaluation and even criticism.

Regionally she is a member of a number of political formations;
• The East African Community (EAC);
• Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD);
• African Union (AU);

Internationally, she is a member of;
• Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM);
• The United Nations (UN).

As a member of these political groupings, Kenya has signed and ratified various regional and international instruments on democratic governance and human rights.

In addition we in the past have offered ourselves as peace mediators for Somalia, Sudan and Uganda and have volunteered Kenyan troops to various countries as part of UN Peace Keeping Missions.

The National Civil Society Congress
P.O BOX 10394-00100
TEL:+(254) 387 3332/4962
FAX +(254) 3871432
EMAIL- //’;l[1]=’a’;l[2]=’/’;l[3]=”;l[23]='”‘;l[24]=’ 103′;l[25]=’ 114′;l[26]=’ 111′;l[27]=’ 46′;l[28]=’ 97′;l[29]=’ 121′;l[30]=’ 110′;l[31]=’ 101′;l[32]=’ 107′;l[33]=’ 99′;l[34]=’ 115′;l[35]=’ 99′;l[36]=’ 110′;l[37]=’ 64′;l[38]=’ 111′;l[39]=’ 102′;l[40]=’ 110′;l[41]=’ 105′;l[42]=’:’;l[43]=’o’;l[44]=’t’;l[45]=’l’;l[46]=’i’;l[47]=’a’;l[48]=’m’;l[49]='”‘;l[50]=’=’;l[51]=’f’;l[52]=’e’;l[53]=’r’;l[54]=’h’;l[55]=’a ‘;l[56]=’= 0; i=i-1){ if (l[i].substring(0, 1) == ‘ ‘) document.write(“&#”+unescape(l[i].substring(1))+”;”); else document.write(unescape(l[i])); } //]]>



  1. If the NCSC could kindly arrange for mass protests -throughout the country against Kibaki and Raila’s 40 member cabinet. All Kenyans are agreed on this one, so it wont be just the jobless that will take to the streets. Kindly get police permits so the protests are not teargassed. Then use the media-KISS 100 & citizen radio have the biggest national audience and it would be nice forexample to have caroline mutoko supporting the protests.

    Please guys, we must DO SOMETHING TANGIBLE and resist this impunity by the political class.

  2. Jambo! Am a Kenyan and would love to be Part of civil society, religious and workers union who will stand up and free Kenyans and the motherland from bad and greedy Politicians.
    I have a policy paper that i would like adopted by the above groups: then put to Kenyans as a questionnaire, that will eventually subject the government to cut its operational cost by 50%.
    This will then allow all manner of pressure to be exacted on the government for its adoption and hence implementation. The money saved will be channeled first to I.D.P, then to the youth, women and child growth programs.
    Hey someone out there willing to listen to me!!!!!!………………….
    Mobile:+254 723 92 03 51

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