KNDR Team – Public Statement – 4 Feb 08

Public Statement Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation

To ensure that the National Dialogue and Reconciliation is carried out in a continuous and sustained manner towards resolving the political crisis arising from the disputed presidential electoral results as well as the ensuing violence in Kenya, in line with the agreement between His Excellency Mwai Kibaki and Honourable Raila Odinga, as publicly announced on 24th January and reaffirmed on 29th January 2008 at County Hall in Nairobi.
The final goal of the National Dialogue and Reconciliation is to achieve sustainable peace, stability and justice in Kenya through the rule of law and respect for human rights.
1. With Respect to Immediate Measures to Address the Humanitarian Crisis:
a) Assist and encourage displaced persons to go back to their homes or other areas and to have safe passage and security throughout b) Provide adequate security and protection, particularly for vulnerable groups, including women and children in the camps.
c) Provision of basic services for people in displaced camps:
· Ensure that there is adequate food, water, sanitation and shelter within the affected communities – both those in displaced camps and those remaining in their communities.
· Provide medical assistance with a special focus for women, children, people living with HIV and AIDS and the disabled, currently in displaced camps.
· Ensure all children have access to education. This will involve reconstruction of schools; encouraging return of teaching staff and provision of teaching materials, and assistance for children to return to their learning institutions.
d) Provide information centres where the affected can get easy access to information regarding the assistance that is available to them and how to access it, for example, support for reconstruction of livelihoods, or tracing of family members.
e) Operationalise the Humanitarian Fund for Mitigation of Effects and Resettlement of Victims of Post 2007 Election Violence expeditiously by establishing a bi2 partisan, multi-sectoral Board with streamlined procedures to disburse funds rapidly.
f) The Fund is open to public contributions and all citizens and friendly countries, governments and international institutions to donate generously.
g) Ensure close linkages with the ongoing national and international assistance to to enhance the effectiveness of delivery.
h) Ensure that victims of violence in urban areas are not neglected in the implementation of the above.
i) In order to promote food security, displaced farmers should be assisted to return to their farms. All farmers affected by the crisis should be assisted and encouraged to safely resume their farming activities.

2. With Respect to Immediate Measures to Promote Reconciliation, Healing and Restoration:

a) Joint peace rallies should be convened by all leaders of parties to promote peace and reconciliation.
b) Ensure that the freedom of expression, press freedom and the right to peaceful assembly are upheld.
c) Peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the Constitution should be protected and facilitated.
d) All-inclusive Reconciliation and Peacebuilding Committees at the grassroots level should be established. The committees should involve the provincial administration, council of elders, women, the youth, conflict resolution/civil society organizations.
e) Counseling support should be provided to those affected communities.
f) A national resettlement programme should be developed.
g) The law on registration of persons should be reviewed to remove the emphasis on ethnicity.
h) A Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission that includes local and international jurists should be established.
i) Welcome and encourage the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights investigatory team.

3. Recommendation to Parliamentarians:

Request the Speaker of Parliament to urgently convene a meeting of all members (Kamukunji) so that the Committee has the opportunity to inform Parliamentarians of the progress of the National Dialogue and Reconciliation.
4. Briefing on Progress to the Principals:
The Panel of Eminent African Personalities will provide periodic joint briefings to H.E. Mwai Kibaki and Hon. Raila Odinga.
5. Implementation of Recommendations:
Weekly progress reports on implementation of these and other recommendations to be made to the Committee by the relevant parties/institutions.

Signed on this day, February 4, 2008 On behalf of Government/PNU: On behalf of ODM:
__________________ ___________________
Hon. Martha Karua Hon. Musalia Mudavadi __________________ ___________________
Hon. Sam Ongeri Hon. William Ruto _________________ ___________________
Hon. Mutula Kilonzo Hon. Sally Kosgei ___________________ __________________
Hon. Moses Wetang’ula Hon. James Orengo Witnessed by:
For the Panel of Eminent African Personalities __________________
H.E. Kofi A. Annan Chairperson


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