Concerned Citizens For Peace Meeting- Friday 15th February 2008

  • Concerned Citizens For Peace Meeting- Friday 15th February 2008

  • LIKA Leadership Institute of Kenya Resource Centre had a successful meeting last Tuesday. The meeting dubbed “GOING NATIONAL” discussed the issue of ethnicity in Kenya and how this has been used over the years as a dividing factor. The LIKA Resource Centre will be having a meeting every Tuesday at 5 p.m. on this theme at their offices on Kirichwa Road next to The Masaba Hospital. The Purpose of the meeting is to eventually prepare a book or hand guide that can be used in schools to train pupils and students on Nationalism.

  • The Five Minutes of Forgiveness Campaign kicked off in Kibera on Wednesday and was attended by over 100 people. The meeting encouraged participants to take five minutes each day to commit themselves to speaking to someone in their community and forgiving those who may have wronged them. Hon. Bishop Wanjiru was present and donated Flour.

  • The Youth from poor urban settlements (Dandora, Kibera, Kangemi) and a few media people had a meeting at KEPSA offices, shelter Afrique House and discussed the different activities they have in their communities and how these can be better publicised. They will once again converge at the same venue tomorrow for a follow-up meeting. Those who are interested in working with the youth are invited.

  • The CCP has set up a condolence book for all the 1000 plus people who passed away during the post-election violence. It has been noted that not everyone can afford to take flowers but this can be a way for them to condole with the families who lost loved ones. There is a book open for the MP’s who passed on last month, Hon. Mugabe Were of Embakasi and Hon. David Kimutai Too of Ainamoi.

  • Another book is open for all other Kenyans who passed on, as far as possible efforts will be made to find out their names, once the books are filled they will be sent to the families and a few to the national archives. Three youth have volunteered to man the tables at the freedom corner/ flower memorial.

  • CCP meetings have changed from a thrice-weekly affair to a twice-weekly one. This is because of problems with meeting space and also the funding available for meeting rooms. A free room has been donated at Bruce house 14th Floor at the National Steering Committee offices for use from next week. Meetings will now be on Mondays and Fridays, but may change if need arises.

  • The space at Bruce House is rather small for the 60 or so people who attend the meetings. Anyone aware of a free meeting room available at a convenient location for the morning meetings?

  • It was felt that there is a need to strengthen the CCP secretariat to better manage information and internal communication, Now that the meetings will be fewer; the information network becomes more important.

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