Citizens’ pathway – Jan 08

Citizens’ pathway to lasting peace and human dignity
Kenyans went to the polls on 27th December 2007 truly believing that their vote could make a difference. The
process went fairly well until the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), whether working on its own or in
cahoots with others, displayed the ineptitude that resulted in serious doubts being cast on the credibility and
validity of the final presidential election results. As a result of the disputed presidential poll, the country is now
in a crisis. This is evidenced by violence, loss of life and property, disruption to economic activity and horrific
images appearing in virtually every global media and brought the country’s image into international disrepute.
This crisis has also brought to the fore some deep-rooted issues that need to be comprehensively addressed if
justice is to be seen to be served and Kenya restored to a path of sustainable peace and development.

We believe that with enlightened leadership on the part of H.E. Mwai Kibaki and Hon Raila Odinga, together
with other national leaders, Kenya can still emerge from the current crisis as a stronger nation that has its pride
of place among nations of the world. We can all return to one common purpose namely:
To earn and uphold our pride of place among nations as a sovereign and remarkable country of outstanding
people enjoying a high quality of life

This will require open, honest and principled dialogue. As Citizens, we implore our leaders to immediately
commence dialogue and focus on the Citizens’ Agenda as proposed below:

Citizens’ agenda for lasting peace and human dignity
1. Restoring peace, reconciliation and national healing – This will require all actors to work cooperatively
to bring an immediate end to the violence, avoid any act that may fan or create opportunities for violence,
enable peaceful political activity, restore media freedom, actively engage in reconciling communities and
encourage initiatives to achieve lasting peace.
2. Trust and confidence building – the current crisis has been precipitated by mistrust that has accumulated
over time. Deliberate efforts need to be undertaken to rebuild trust and confidence between and among
Kenyans and political players to enhance the capacity for dialogue and constructive engagement. All
political players must be bound by the agreements reached in the negotiations. In addition, this trust and
confidence building should also be extended to community level.
3. Election closure – The disputed presidential poll has to be brought to closure if Kenyans are to have faith
in the electoral process. This will require the establishment of the truth and some form of agreement on the
final presidential poll. An independent body should also be constituted to carry out a comprehensive review
of the election process, identify the reforms necessary to restore confidence and sense of justice, as well as
spirited public information, education and communication campaigns to reverse the negative perceptions
emanating from the disputed poll. Any re-run of the election will need to take account of the current
polarization, legal and constitutional implications that impact on the timing of, and eligibility for such an
4. Composition and duration of an All Inclusive Government (Grand Coalition) – Given the trends in the
presidential and parliamentary results, as well as the divisions exposed by the post-election crisis, a grand
coalition or an All Inclusive Government will command a significant popular mandate and be well placed
to set the pace for tackling some of the deeper issues that have led to the current crisis. It is therefore
necessary for the parties to agree the structure, character, and guiding principles for such a Government, as
well as its duration. The duration will need to recognize the dispute as well as take account of the time
required to put in place the required institutional reforms before the next election.
5. Priority agenda for the All Inclusive Government (Grand Coalition) – Given the history of mistrust and
acrimony experienced in the last coalition government, it will be necessary for the All Inclusive
Government to first agree the priority agenda for the government. The agenda must be publicly
acknowledged and be the basis for holding the Government to account. The priority agenda should include
a mechanism for responding to new developments. Key among the items to be included in the priority
agenda include:
a. Constitutional reforms to address some of the deep-rooted issues including an improved electoral
framework, revised mechanisms for transfer of power, devolution and distribution of resources for
equitable development, structure of Government and powers of the Executive.

b. Administrative and legal reforms to address the weaknesses identified in the electoral process.
c. Restore normalcy and dignity of internally displaced persons, rehabilitation and reconstruction.
d. Priority initiatives to deliver equitable economic growth.
e. A comprehensive framework to address land issues.
f. An anti-corruption agenda as well as a robust and transparent Public Accountability framework.
g. Establishing the truth of historical injustices and the allegations of all forms of ethnic cleansing and
genocide by both PNU and ODM with a view to restitution and justice.
6. The next Presidential and/or National Elections – The timing of the next Presidential and/ or National
Elections should be agreed as part of the negotiated settlement.
7. Global agenda to restore international respectability – The country has suffered considerable damage
from the post election violence. Deliberate efforts need to be made to restore our standing in the regional
and international arena. A global agenda shared with all stakeholders should be agreed to form part of
efforts and reclaiming our pride of place among nations
All Kenyans of goodwill are invited to discuss this framework, endorse it, and put pressure to bear upon our
leaders to ensure that this agenda is comprehensively discussed and the negotiated settlement implemented. We
also commit to vigilantly hold all our leaders accountable for the outcomes of the negotiations and the
processes of implementation. We continue to remind all protagonists to avoid any actions that will erode the
spirit of goodwill required for open, honest and principled negotiations. This is a time for demonstrating
statesmanship rather than gamesmanship.
We also invite friends of Kenya and our international partners to respect our sovereignity even as they seek to
support our own efforts to ensure that the aspirations included in this agenda are realized. They too must avoid
any action or utterance that may counteract our efforts to foster dialogue and achieve a negotiated settlement.
Despite these trying times and the suffering by many fellow Kenyans, we remain positive and hopeful that
Kenya can competently manage the present crisis and emerge a stronger nation with a much brighter future.
With this negotiated settlement, we believe that the words of our National Anthem will be proved to be truly
meaningful to every citizen, resident, investor and visitor:

O God of all creation
Bless this land and our nation
Justice be our shield and defender
May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty
Plenty be found within our borders.

Citizens Pathway Group: a multi-ethnic and independent group of Kenyan professionals united by our hope and future
aspirations for Kenya

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