KENFAP – Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers

A forum where KENFAP can air their views and suggestions on the post election crisis.


  1. This is the time for preparation for planting in some of the most productive areas of the country. But this is the situation;

    1. Little preparation is going on,
    2. People have been displaced from their farms and crops and equipment for land preparation destroyed,
    3. Access roads and bridges have been damaged,
    4. Businesses that supply inputs and equipment have either been destroyed or owners made to flee or have been killed,
    5. Industries and businesses that employed our children, fathers and mothers have been destroyed,
    6. This state of affairs guarantees, unless remedial action is taken NOW, a famine calamity of great proportion even if peace returns.

    We therefore in unison appeal to Kenyans everywhere, STOP THE VIOLENCE, LETS LIVE IN PEACE AND HARMONY AS WE DID BEFORE

  2. – What can be done about the situation to reduce the effects of the famine?

    – Are there areas in the country that have not been producing at their potential capacity that can be turned around so that they can start producing?

    – Would it be wise to import the food from our neighboring countries with a surplus to get through the famine or is there still time to prepare the land and plant the crops so that the people themselves can benefit?

    – How do we get a list of key access roads in all affected areas and priorities them so that the government / local authority / CDF committees can be petitioned to fix them?

    – Are there organizations willing to get businesses and industry back on their feet so that they can supply the necessary inputs and equipment at reasonable prices and possibly with good credit terms?

    The options should be debated among all concerned so as to find out the best possible actions. Ideas can be shared on how other are moving forward and who is supporting what initiatives. For example the government, Barclays Bank and Equity Bank have pledged some kind of support for businesses affected by the post election crisis. Where can we get more details on this so that we can share with our members as well as all concerned?

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